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Allow me to introduce myself to the group. My name is Brady Watson and I am an in-house landman for Gunn Oil Company. Gunn Oil Company has been leasing minerals in Fisher County since May 2011. Should you have any further questions or comments please feel free to call or email me. Thank you.

Brady Watson, RL

Brady - What number can I reach you at? I have some mineral rights in Fisher Co I would like to discuss with you

FYI I got an BS offer for 16% royalty $50 per ac. 5yr lease for 2100 ac. south of Sylvester. The word needs to get out that that aint happining.

Brady, I think I just posted the FYI on your wall when I thought I was posting to the Fisher Co. group. You would have gotten it anyway I think but it wasn't directed to you.

Brady, my brothers and I have signed off on a lease with GUNN Oil Co. for 160 acres in Fisher county. How will we be kept appraised of what is happening with the lease?

What is the real scoop on what is driving new lease activity in scurry and fisher…im hearing its a new shale play, i assume a liquids play?..but are there any known results besides an operator likes what he got on a core analysis?

Thats about what I have heard also. But.. I think there has been something like 50K+ acres leased based on that core and 3D survey info. So -it must be a pretty dang good core sample to snap up 50K acres.

Amour is the one that drilled and has the promoising sample. Sorry - I dont know of any known results other than that.

Thank you kreg for your timely response…who bought the fifty thousand acres, was it gunn? …and, when were those seismic surveys shot, and has anyone seen a spate of seismic crews lately shooting up and down fisher county roads…

Yes.. it was Gunn and I have no clue about the 3D Survey.. I dont know when it was shot or what area was actually shot. Apparently section 115 is just at the boundary of the shoot - or so I am told. So I am guessing it was a small 3D shoot. IF you hear of anything - let me know. I have had 3 offers since October for leasing - mostly around $200-$250 w/20%

96 acres, more or less, out of the South side of Section 115, Block 2. Fisher CO.

Wexo(Wexco?) Resources, Gunn and some other outfit I cannot remember. I only have mineral rights - 25% interest on those 96 acres. I am about a mile away from where Armour tapped the core sample - I can see where Armour is according to the Texas RR GIS site. Let me know what offers you have had and what rumors you heard. Its kind of exciting with all the interest coming in to this area. Hopefully it will become another Reeves Co(where I also have leased mineral rights). Let me know if you know of a good OG attorney. I have not seen anything better than $250/mineral acre/25% royalty

It appears what we have here is a mix of hype(shale), confusion (target formation), mixed in with more than a few lease flipping outfits mixed with some facts and decent discoveries. There are without question some legit operators some of which already drill wells such as Gunn and others who have the means and will to so so like Range, Devon and Enduring out of Denver. However I have spoken to at least two outfits who are i this to do nothing more than flip their leases to one of the larger outfits. I have run a few traps and most people believe that Devon is Targeting the Mississippi formation in the South Half of the County while Enduring and others are targeting what they are calling "Three Fingered". The fact that they are calling this the "Three Fingered Shale" instead of a more traditional formation play targeting multiple formations (canyon, ellenburger etc) makes it seem like there is some intentional hype. This could be attributable to the number of outfits out of Midland, DFW and Houston buying lease to flip instead of for a company. I have received several offers from $350-$450 for our lands in the Northern part of fisher into S. Kent. IN recent days I have spoken to a dozen or so neighbors and associates both south into Fisher and N into Kent who have had offers at $350 and 22%. One major concern I have is the number of landowners who have signed leases under an agreement that they receive 10% now and the balance on completion of title. While this is not always done with bad intentions it is a concern in area where the price rises so quickly and outfits are looking to flip leases before they need to pay off. I have seen this become an issue in Fayette, Lavaca and further south in the Eagleford with failure to pay later on clouding title and delaying a decent operator from moving forward with their prospect. It does take time to run all this title and things are moving fast so some of that will be necessary but landowners need to be very specific as to the time frame in which the balance must be paid and what happens if that obligation is not met. Another option would be a short term lease option as well. This play could work out great or be gone as quickly as its started so I cant fault anyone for getting what they can while they can. But in area like this that hasnt been active in a long time and that has had a rough go of it with drought and fires, sometimes the rush to sign a lease before they miss out causes people to make mistakes they later regret.

Red Dirt -

When you say 350-450 for lands - are you talking about mineral rights only? or Surface and Mineral rights? Thanks in advance. I signed with Gunn back in October. Who knows when actual drilling will occur.. hope its within a year..

That is the per net mineral acre bonus price.

A landman representing "Eastern Shelf" is now active in the county with some leases having been signed in the Sylvester vicinity. Does anyone have information as to how dependable "Eastern Shelf" is? Is Gunn competing for leases in this area?

My father in law leased to Eastern Shelf in Mitchell. They put up an 10% non-refundable deposit. There was a personality conflict with the landman when a title problem surfaced. Asked for, and got, number their offices I Dallas or Ft Worth. Long story short, they paid in full 5 days before their agreement expired. Overall, very good.

I work the Eastern Shelf of the Permian Basin that includes Fisher and Mitchel counties as Eastern Shelf Exploration, and Eastern Shelf Consulting, however we are not engaged in any active leasing under those names in your counties. There is an Eastern Shelf Land Company in the Dallas Plano area, however I believe they are for construction. Be careful with who you sign with.

Yes, the "Eastern Shelf" which is offering leases (buying options, actually) in Fisher County is the Eastern Shelf Land company, not Mr. Dillon's company.

et with Gunn il and Gas today and, yes, they are actively leasing in Fisher County. Also had an offer with Arrington O&G out of Midland. Anyone dealt with them?

Pardon my typos. Meant to say: Met with Gunn Oil and Gas....