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Strike Energy Ltd Signs a JV agreement in Fayette County, TX. There is no detail on how much they paid, but a little on why they like it.


"The majority of the leases are located in Fayette County, Texas, which are on trend with high activity areas in Gonzales and De Witt Counties being drilled primarily by EOG and Petrohawk. Published projected recoveries in these areas range of 450,000 to 1,000,000 barrels of oil equivalent per well based on 160 acres spacing."

Hope you all read The Fayette County record about how well the wells are producing Friday July 15.

Do the non participating royalty owners usually receive a bonus, and who comes up with the %, do we have a say so in the %, being a non-participating royalty owner, does the owner of the property and mineral right owner also have royalty rights too??, are they the ones that negotiate the %, do they get the bonus, price per acre and the %, is the % for royalties only or the mineral rights, our is in North west dewitt county , north of yorktown and west of cuero, the oil company is wanting to drill on that property they said stage 1 what ever that means, are there any wells being drilled in nw dewitt county

I am here to Help!


Does anyone know that latest infor on leasing in the FLATONIA area..particularly west of...? also any stats on the newly drilled wells would be appreciated...I heard the Crabb well was very good and another that is north of FLATONIA..don't know if that was northwest or northeast...?? thanks for any information concerning that area, especially the amount being paid for leases...thanks so much ...


Here's a quote from the article: "This time, months passed and no bonus check arrived."

This implies that the lessors signed something without getting the bonus check at the time of signing. I wonder if those same people ever sold a used car, signed the title over, let them take the car, and then said 'Oh, just send me the payment at some future date.'

Even though there were certainly some shenanigans that I disapprove of, I can't help but wonder if there aren't any attorneys in Michigan?

Oh, brother.

If you haven't already leased, it will give you a little motivation to spend a little more time and even Attorney dollars on the lease before signing. Washington Irving's note about well lease ownership should also make all of us think about this lease clause. Beef it up to where you always know who owns the lease and who to contact. A severe penalty clause should the Lessee not follow the lease provisions.

Now, this is nothing but chatter; but, if you get time, it will be worth an afternoon drive to drive over and through the Cheapside area South of Gonzales.

Hello Group, I have leased out minerals North of Flatonia, anxiously watching/awaiting the drilling of the Southern Bay Ring Unit "A" well. Nabors Rig # 491, can't miss it from I-10

Boy, that Nabors Rig #491 drills one well after another, FM 609 twice, then Bitner Road, now just at I-10. Whats the news on these wells, anyone?


Haven't seen your comments before. Maybe I've just missed them. Your answer to Rig #491. With the exception of the few hard facts we can dig up off the W1 reports, all information seems to be word of mouth. The "word" is that #491 will complete drilling the Ring well, then either drill another well there on the Ring location (already permited 12/12/2011) or well #3 on the Arnim place on (FM 609) permited (12/23/2011). I don't believe it makes sense for them to move the rig back to the Arnim place until they have completed at the Ring location on FM 2762; but, again, who knows!

We have been hearing for a couple of months that Southern Bay was waiting to Frack the Peebles well on Bitner Road so they could move the Frack equipment from Bitner road once it was completed over to the Arnim Wells site and then Frack them. With the third well Permited there now, who knows what their plans are.

Last information on the Bitner Road (Peebles) well is that Fracking will take place around the 16th of this month. Of course, in November, the word was that they would start Fracking this well the second week of December; but, that never happened.

Southern Bay has permitted at least two wells on the Cal-Maine property South of the Crabb well on Cal-Maine Road. By now drilling on the first Cal-Maine well should be complete. This is about 5 miles West of Flatonia and South of Hwy 90 about 1 1/2 miles.

Hopefully some of these guys start moving to the North; but, there is a lot of undeveloped land between the present drills and Cistern.

Keep your fingers crossed.

1:00 PM today Dish channel 18 Eagleford Shale show.

A neighbor reports flaring at the pad for Ring A Unit Wells #1 & 2. A very good sign. Will be anxious to hear oil flow rates. These wells were drilled just off of I-10 (north side) and drilled directionally (north), somewhat parallel to each other and to Burke Rd. Anyone else hear more?

Does anyone know the going rate for signing bonuses in Fayette County for mineral leases? Ours is in the Elizabeth Devers Survey, A-40. Also, can't we get more than 20% royalty?

Our property is located approximately 3/4 of a mile south of Engle cutoff between I-10 and Hwy. 90. They have tested the property in November but we still do not know anything about the results. Can anyone point us in the right direction so we can find out some information? Also I would like to know if there is any drilling going on in this area.


There is a video tutorial on the home page that shows you how to use the RRC website to check this info.

I am sorry for the inaccurate location description. What I mean't to say was that we own 100 acres that has Hwy.90 as a southern boundary and I-10 as the northern boundary. It is located almost exactly between N. Knezek Rd. and Krenek Stryk Rd. In Schulenburg, Tx. I cannot find my survey info at this time butthe address is 8232 I-10 Frontage Rd. Schulenburg, Tx. 78956. I hope this helps.

The map on the GLO website can help you get legals. I have an article on the home page with the link.


There a couple of ways to get legals rather easily.

First and the easiest is to go to the Fayette County Central Appraisal District website and search out the property by last name or if that doesn't work,call the CAD office and talk to Brenda. She can give you the information listed on the site. If you want or need a better or full description, and you don't have the deed or the lease handy, then go to Texasfile.com and sign up. It is easy to do the searching for deeds, leases, or Memo's which is the way most of these companies and Attorneys file these leases these days.