Family Feuds and Antero Resources

Sorry for the long story. I will try to keep it as short as possible. I inherited mineral rights in Tyler County, West Virginia from my father’s side of the family. With that being said my father had 3 children, my brothers and myself. So my mother ends up passing away, and then my father. Without a will Antero Resources figured out by word of mouth basically who all is an heir to the mineral rights. My brothers are no longer living they unfortunately passed away shortly after my parents. Only one of my brothers had a child. Well right when Antero Resources got in contact with me they also got in contact with my niece. Antero Resources sent the both of us the same paperwork, trying to get us to sign the pooling contract and all that jazz. Well I did my research and did not sign into the pooling contract while my niece did. And this was about 2 years back when we signed all the paperwork and sent it in to the main office. So about a few months after the paperwork got sent into Antero, I recieved a check, and then I started to receive them monthly. My niece on the other hand hasn’t received anything up until recently. Two months ago this last year I stopped getting checks all of a sudden. I reached out to Antero wondering what was going on, and they decided to tell me that my niece contacted them and said that she was an heir to the mineral rights… but they obviously already knew about her right? I mean they sent her the same paperwork as they did to me. The only thing she did different was sign the pooling contract and I didn’t. Antero Resources told me they weren’t gonna send me an other check until my niece receives the same amount of money that I have received. Since I apparently was over payed.

Very simply you and your niece own the same amount of interest. Why do you want more than her?

She signed into the pooling contract which clearly stated that if you sign it you won’t receive anything until everyone signs the pooling contract.

My sister and I had a similar situation. The division order was not done correctly and they were paying on the wrong percentage. It took a lot of emails and letters until someone finally looked at the situation and they did the same thing with us. We were initially overpaid so they withheld payment until it was correct. However, if I were you I’d send a certified letter asking for the details of the restructure and why they never paid your niece anything.

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