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Any activity in 18S 26E?

Looking for leases in Eddy county, contact me if you have open minerals. Paying top of the market prices. Also buying minerals, please give me a call. Quick offers ! (575)706-4533 marbachhay@live.com

Still leasing, contact me if you have anything open.

Jake Marbach (575)706-4533 marbachhay@live.com

Have recently uncovered family interests in in Eddy county T 20S R 29E . Am interested in information about Avalon shale play in that area. Unclear about current activity in that area. Thanks for any additional info.

Mr Bemis, please email me the section, and I can get you some info on the area. Also might be interested in leasing them.

Jake Marbach Western Realty Resources, LLC (575)706-4533 marbachhay@live.com

Mr Marbach, As best I can tell, the minerals are in Sections 21, 22,23, 24. I’m still sorting out old files.

Mr. Bemis, I looked at the maps a little bit, I need to research further before I can get you much information. It appears there is a well on at least some of the Acreage. Are you located in Carlsbad ?

Thank you, Jake

Another option - t4minerals@gmail.com

I’m in Arkansas and mostly just generally interested in how the Avalon Shale play is progressing in Eddy county . We 'be had some bad experiences with some of the shale folks here in Arkansas . Thanks for your offer of help, however.

It's not your traditional shale play here. Although enhanced recovery methods make some previously unfeasible plays now more possible, it's hard to compare it with the Fayetteville or Barnett plays. But the higher cost associated with new methods and historically low gas price are making these projects more difficult to justify economically.

Well Scott covered the economics of it, I will get you some production info on the wells in the area.

Jake and Scott --

Thanks for your comments. I'm probably on the wrong discussion group with my posts, since I'm mostly interested in how they plan to handle the new fracking technology responsibly in an area with such unique geology, including the caverns and artesian water supplies.However, I don't see much discussion of the new technologies in other groups, either. We're extremely concerned about potential damages to our water supplies here in Arkansas.

When I roughnecked out in West Texas in the 50's, drilling was a much simpler game.

Thanks again for your help,


Anybody have knowledge of the history of the Yates and Getty wells in Sections 21,22,23,24 T20s R29E in the 1980's and 1990's? I'm looking for contacts with other owners of mineral interests or operators of any current wells.

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How can I tell if my mineral property is producing?

Does anyone know how or where to look up via

public records online or otherwise? -Nick

Eddy County Members,

One of my corporate clients is looking for the parties below concerning distribution of some funds. If any one know these people or their heirs, please have them contact PM me

J.W. Adamson, Myrtle N. Adamson, Howard P. Lowe, Roland McLean, and W.H. Davis

Its all good news.

If you aren't against fracking then you won't be thrilled with me. I'm coming back to Carlsbad in April to walk my land with a surveyor, make sure the corner rebars are still set and see if there is any fracking activity. Any leases I've signed on my land have not included fracking. The last one I signed sneaked it in under small print.. "rights to inject chemicals" paragraphs. I'm big on the environment and with our artesian wells, limestone caverns etc. more damage can be done than in most drilling areas. Just joining up to keep up with any new developments in the area. It's difficult when you live in another state... Not to mention paying two state taxes!! haha

I have received an offer to lease mineral rights in Section 24, Township 18 South in Eddy County. The offer is $100 per acre for the three years, with a two year extension for an additional $100, and 1/5 royalty. Does anyone anyone know if this is the going the in Eddy County? I leased some rights in Lea County this year and leases were going at premium rates, with much competition. So what is happening in Eddy County?

My family trust owns mineral rights in
Sec 13, Twnshp 17 S, Range 26 E, Eddy County, NM. In past decades, the rights have always been leased, but in recent years we have not been approached. It appears that the area may be at least somewhat viable. Can anyone tell me which O&G companies are leasing in the area? Thanks. Laura A.

I inherited some mineral rights from my aunt. She had a trust set up by the legal firm Martin, Dugan & Martin in Carlsbad,NM After her death I was contacted by a landman wanting to lease the mineral rights, I leased them to him for five years and then re-newed the lease three years ago. I asked the Firm of Martin,Dugan & Martin to draw up a formal deed to these rights which they did. I was informed that a well had been drilled and a producing well was now on my rights. The oil company Mack Energy said there was a question about my inherited rights. I hired Martin, Dugan & Martin to solve this problem. They did some work for me. I have called, written letters but get only a promise to solve this problem. I think I have two problems the Law firm and perhaps the mineral rights. Can any one suggest another local law firm or a have a suggestion as to what my next step should be. I had received offers of over a $100,000 to sell my rights, fortunately I didn't.

Thank you for any help you might offer

Charlene Conlin