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Interested in Tuscaloosa Shale activity. Is it increasing and what leasing arrangements are being offered?

Myself also. See some activity in Wilkinson co. MS. going on now.

If you are in Southern Wilkinson County your land is worth more than $150 an acre. The biggest issue is not the upfront money as it is how the lease is structured. There are many many loopholes in leases that take advantage of landowners. If you can get your neighbors together and represent a big block of land you can end up with much better terms. I would email EDITED by ADMIN (This is not the place to promote your business.) if I was you and discuss with him what he and his landowners were able to do. They were in the same situation and and ended up organizing many landowener sin the area and received about twice what they were originally offered. he really helped us with our landowners group.


I am seeking information about the group of landowners in East Feliciana Parish who organized to negociate lease rates. Name of the property owners in this group? Did the members of the group come to terms and actually lease property? Lease rates and terms? My parents own property in East Feliciana Parish and I am acting on their behalf. You may email me at toddcranford@hotmail.com if you have any information to share. Thank you

Have been offered 200 acre for 3 yr lease with 1/5 royalty. on property located in Wilkinson Co, MS. which is North of my other property located in East Feliciana. Have heard of some getting $300 acre. Any one have any more information and is any recent activity in East Feliciana parish?

Have begun to put in well off of Bowling Green Road just east of Woodville, MS off of Hwy 24. This area is north of our property in East Feliciana. Have been approached by XYXoilandgas to purchase our mineral rights. Will wait for the right price for leasing mineral rights. Watch the progress of the well out of Woodville and the 5 others that are planned.

I have recently received a letter from Chauvin Oil & Gas expressing an interest in purchase of mineral rights. Anyone else heard from these folks?

Read the letter from Chauvin Oil and Gas very carefully. They want to PURCHASE your mineral rights not LEASE. You lose you mineral rights forever if you sell them.

Thanks for the advice. That’s the way I read the letter as well. I think I’ll respond to the letter just to see if I can get an idea of order of magnitude of what they have in mind for outright mineral rights purchase.

I received the Chauvin letter/offer too but did not bother to respond. We have no interest in "selling" our rights.

Have 168 acres of mineral rights in the Buffalo River/Possum Corner/Corinth Church of Christ area off Hwy 61 very close to Netterville Lumber Co. This , of cousre is in the Tuscaloosa Shale.

Is the activity increasing (as of 12/2011) and what leasing arrangements are being offered? I would be happy to share the details of our current offers with anyone engaged in this activity and area.

A couple of days ago, I read where Lessors in the Ohio Shale area have joined ranks , as a group(400 owner participants) to maximize the financial quality of their mineral leases. The result was their up front bonues went from $75/ac to $2,500/ac and is heading upward toward $5,000/ac.

Are there any groups presently organized or are there any plans to do so in the Wilkerson County Tuscaloosa Shale? Would love to hear from someone that is aware of a group or who is interested in forming a group?



This article, in case you haven’t seen it, is part of the “big” picture relative to where our country is heading in quest for energy independence and in flight from its dependence on foreign oil. Isn’t that exciting that we are finally heading away from the Middle East and spending those daily billions locally? What’s even more exciting is that we, in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, are part of that “big” picture. Hopefully, everyone involved in this whole process will prosper!

Eagle Ford oil production to grow to 421,000 BPD by 2015

Posted on January 27, 2012 at 6:36 am by Bloomberg in Natural Gas

Oil production from the Eagle Ford formation in Texas will increase to 421,000 barrels a day by 2015, said John O’Shea, chief executive officer of Tradition Midstream LLC.

This crude is coming on like gangbusters,” O’Shea said during a talk at the Argus Americas Crude Summit in Houston. “Domestic crude is going to displace imports over the next decade.”

North American oil supply will grow 1.7 percent annually over the next 25 years and imported crude could fall 47 percent in 2012, according to O’Shea.

I read today a comment by a gentlemen that said his parents have received an offer to lease their mineral rights in East Felencia for $500/acre. This is awful close to Wilkinson County. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and setting on my offers. Please keep us informed of your successes!

New Fracking Product ...Great News to combat the EPA

The EPA has approved a new pH neutral fracking solution that is "Green" friendly. It sounds like this could be the solution to one of the major environmental problems threatening the path to energy independence

........and to our POCKETBOOK!!!


Hi Folks,

I'm a newbie to the group and the discussions so please ignore my ignorance. I have been approached a couple of times in the past couple of years about leasing my property but have declined. Now, I am wondering if I missed my opportunity and should have taken "a bird in hand". The first offer was for $125 per acre and the second offer was something like $225 per acre. That was back in 2011. From what I read, it appears the oil companies are concentrating on drilling rather that leasing at this time. Is this the normal cycle? My other question is about the "sweet spot" of the TMS. What does that term mean? Where is the sweet spot?

Hi guys - curious how the drilling is going in E. Feliciana is going? What are the current lease prices along with the current mineral prices?

is there any drilling? we leased in 2012 and haven't heard a word since.