Eagle Ford well IP in Lavaca County, Texas

Sharon Hunter has filed the IP W-2 on the Furrh 1H 2.4 miles west of Moulton on Thursday and, as in the past, it's reported incorrectly by the TRC as a District 1 well, so if y'all are checking the District 2 completion reports, you may have missed it.

Not a bad well:748 bbls API 40.2 oil and 762 mcf gas on a 24 hour test so this may ramp up the lease bonuses in Lavaca County, at least in that area.

One of the interesting aspects of this well, at least to me, is that it's 40.2 gravity oil at 10,500' formation depth. In the southern part of the play, you'd be expecting 55-60 API condensate that deep.


Mr. Houston,

I'll just echo Mr. Cotten's reply to your question over in the Wilson County thread. If you can wait, wait. If not, go for the increased royalty share. If the Lessee makes a well, that's where the real money will be. BTW, on the Sharon Hunter Lavaca County well they are showing a formation thickness of around 250'. Depending on where your 5 acres is located in Wilson County, EOG's formation thickness map from April 2010 shows the formation thinning down to zero as it moves inland toward San Antonio. Same situation in Atascosa. I have a friend with some acreage around Charlotte and he hasn't had an offer yet.