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I am happy to provide you with map of Eagle Ford showing what and where some of the large operators have paid for bonuses. Just shoot me an email. As far as royalty percentage from what I have researched 25% is pretty standard and fair.

I have mineral rights in the eagle ford shale. I just have a legal description. How can I find out exactly where the property is located? An oil company is offering to re-lease for next to nothing but just for shallow. They are drilling on the property surrounding ours. I want to know exactly where ours is, and not take their word for anything.


A search through county courthouse records would probably be your best bet. Some county websites have search abilites.


I have rights in Karnes near falls city that is up for lease in September. I have 255 net acres and my uncle has the same. can you send me the map as well showing the map of bonus'. (EDITED BY ADMIN - Please use the private messaging system for contact info User Policy)


There are some good back and forth discussions on the Fayette County discussion concerning prices and offers, but it is confusing. What is a decent per acre price for oil or condensate acreage in Fayette County? We are currently getting offers that are below what was offered last year and the information indicates better value underfoot. What gives?

That’s exactly what we are trying to do. We are striving to get landowners together to get them informed. Many people still consider lease details as private information (at least in my area) and some are hesitant to share. We can only hope to start the discussion. We can’t force anyone to divulge their private terms if they wish to keep it private. Like everywhere, terms depend on many factors like the number of acres, who is offering and how deep they want to go along with the personal restrictions placed on the company by the details in the lease. Courthouse visits may not give you these details. You may have to start regular meetings if landowners in your area. I hope this encourages others to get informed and better organized.

I’m located in Dimmit County and had an offer $1850 per acre and 25% cost free royalties last year but it fell through. Chesapeake offered $1725 with 25% royalties they would not go for cost free royalties, I turned them down because of problems I am having with them pay royalties on a well and lease they purchased from another company I had leased with. Just received another offer from new company on a 411 acre tract at $1850 to $2000 with 25%. They have proposed a face to face meet for the near future. I hope this helps you a little. Pipeline here is not completed so I believe more and better offers will be forthcoming in the near future; I base this on the activity that is in Cotulla, Catarina, Dilley which seems to be moving this way. A friend was offered $3250 / 25% around Cotulla area. If we (mineral owners) stick together by informing each other then maybe we won’t get riped off by the big oil companies in the future.

Note that Marathon just recently purchased Eagle Ford assets from Hillcorp, mostly in Atascosa, Karnes, Gonzales and DeWitt counties.

See: http://www.marathon.com/news/press_releases/Press_Release/?id=1569433

That's separate with Marathon's deal with Denali for assets in Wilson and Atascosa counties.

See: http://www.marathon.com/News/Press_Releases/Press_Release/?id=1500637

Interestingly, that earlier deal (back in November 2010) excluded Denali's 25,000 acres in Gonzales and Fayette counties.

I really found the strike Energy announcement pages 2-5 really interesting, what is the eagle landing? It seams to reach over into colorado county, is there any new wells in golaid county

Big news in that BHP is acquiring Petrohawk.


If you own minerals that Petrohawk operates, you'll likely begin getting checks from BHP in the next year. It's good news for mineral owners in that BHP will have the capital to develop the Eagle Ford faster than a company the size of Petrohawk.

Clayton Williams released the IP information on a new Eagle Ford completion in Burleson County yesterday. In the far NE corner of the current Eagle Ford maps, about 4.5 miles NE of Caldwell, TX. 300 BOE/Day at 6,700' - Smalley Robertson #1.

Will depend upon the decline rates whether this will be an economic well or not, but it certainly does add more data towards extending the Northeast boundries of the EF shale.

There is alot of seismic testing activity now going on in NW Lavaca County by Conoco. Has anyone been contacted on what will be taking place in this area and where drilling is possible?

Is there any drilling going on in dewitt county around cuero and yorktown


Check out the Rig Count page at EagleFordShale.com:

Eagle Ford Shale Drilling

Click the heading of the week you are interested in and you'll see the rig count by county.

Here's a little more commentary on the debate of whether or not the Utica will draw rigs out of the Eagle Ford. We don't think that will happen.

Any idea why the Baker Hughes weekly rig count no longer identifies the operator or the lease as they have in the past?

Helge Lund, CEO of Statoil, recently visited some Eagle Ford properties in which Statoil (from Norway) is doing a joint venture with Talisman (from Canada). I'm wondering if he was in McMullen and Live Oak Counties....

Statoil’s Helge Lund Tours the Eagle Ford

Posted on September 12, 2011

Statoil and Helge Lund are now big players in the oil & gas shale game….in the U.S. of all places. That’s primarily the result of two large joint ventures with Chesapeake in the Marcellus and Talisman in the Eagle Ford.

Mr. Lund (CEO) was in the states last week and took in parts of South Texas and the company’s JV operations with Talisman. The Norwegians are having to come to terms with issues like rattle snakes, the Texas drought, and high density onshore horizontal drilling. Shale drilling is much different than the major offshore fields the company is familiar with.

Statoil does not operate, but don’t expect it to stay that way forever. As a major player in other parts of the world, they’ll eventually want to put their feet on the ground and get the same first hand knowledge that is gained by owning the operations.

Helge Lund, CEO of Norway’s Statoil, likes to say his company is more than just a financial investor in shale gas fields in the U.S., and he made that abundantly clear one morning last week.

Up before dawn, the tall, soft-spoken Norwegian ate breakfast tacos and endured a long drive on bumpy dirt roads before arriving at a remote well site, about 100 miles south of San Antonio, where mesquite and prickly pear blanket the dusty landscape and deer, jackrabbits and rattlesnakes are the primary residents.

His mission was to get an up-close look at an operation in the Eagle Ford shale formation, where the company launched a joint venture last year, and he spent several hours in the sweltering South Texas sun doing just that.

“The key point for us is we do not look at this as a short-term investment,” said Lund, 48, wearing thick red coveralls, steel-toe boots and a hard hat. Rather, he said, it is an important part of the company’s future.

Last fall, Statoil announced it would pay $1.3 billion for properties in the Eagle Ford shale formation and team up with Canada’s Talisman Energy to develop them. Two years earlier, the Norwegian oil giant paid roughly the same amount for a stake in Marcellus shale properties in the Northeast U.S. operated by Chesapeake Energy.

Statoil is among a number of foreign oil companies including France’s Total, China’s Cnooc and Australia’s BHP Billiton that are paying huge sums to enter U.S. shale rock formations, where recent breakthroughs in drilling and extraction technology – pioneered by small U.S. producers – have put massive quantities of natural gas within reach.

DOES anyone have the stats on the new wells in the FLATONIA area ?..I heard the Crabb well was very good and that another one north of FLATONIA was also..I have also been contacted for a lease west of FLATONIA ..any info on current prices for leasing ..the previous leases were around 1200 for five years with twenty three percent...any changes ?? thank you for any updates ...

We have 46.5 acres in Muldoon and have been contacted for a lease by two different companies.....one already filed bankruptcy and I Googled the other and can't find anything about it. How much is land currently leasing in that area and what is fair royalties? Has drilling started in that area yet?