Eagle Ford Shale in Burleson?

Does anyone know if there’s any active drilling companies in the southwestern part of Burleson county?

EagleFordShale.com has a page on Burleson County with some chat. I don't think there is a lot of activity just yet, but wait until well results come in and I'm sure we'll know a lot more.

Burleson County Eagle Ford Shale

Also, try posting your question the Burleson County Group. You'll attract more local people there that might know more about local drilling

Steve: You can do a Google search and look for Clayton Williams EagleFord. Clayton Williams has drilled at least two EF horizontal wells N of Caldwell and has some oil production. The economics are in question and being evaluated. It appears there may be issues with completions according to some of the reports. You can also go to the TRRC web site and search for W-1 reports on Clayton Williams-Burleson County. The leases, I believe, areSmalley-Robinson and Broeshe (SP).

ASX listed company AKK plan to drill in the Burleson County in July.

The company reports that In July (2011.... aka this month), they will commence drilling 3 vertical wells.

After this 1 of the 3 wells (which is deemed the best one drilled) will be fracced with a horizontal lateral using 10 fraccing stages and employing the Hi-WAY fraccing method (used by Petrohawk, employed by Schlumberger)

N.B. I think AKK's wells are more in central Burleson or even eastern Burleson maybe. I don't know to be honest.

So I'm not sure exactly where in relation to the Burleson County it's to be located, however if you go to page 67 of this link to the announcement, you might be able to work it out for yourself.

have a look http://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20110707/pdf/41zn8hyzgcr96y.pdf

Thanks for all the information, Looks like my ranch is about 3 to 4 miles N/W of the Birch Prospect.

Hi, I’m new here. The Birch Prospect is very close to some land I own there (about a quarter mile down the road.) Does anyone know if they are actually drilling on the Krueger Unit? I’ve searched online. I found the application at the Railroad site with the operator as Alamo Operating Company. I can’t find anything about them drilling or completing.

Austin Exploration have just spudded their first EFS well in Burleson County.

There has been a fair delay but finally the drilling has started. They're drilling 3 vertical EFS wells and choosing the best one to Hi-WAY frac it (using Schlumberger's technology).

Results will be very interesting for the area.


There is the link by the way.