Eagle Ford Shale - Bandera County, Texas

I read an article in the Bandera Courier newspaper about an "Eagle Ford Shale Play" in Bandera County, Texas, around the towns of Vanderpool and Tarpley.

I own mineral interests in approximately 140 acres near Vanderpool, Texas.

Does anyone have any information about any mineral lease activity around the areas of Vanderpool or Tarpley in Bandera County, Texas?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



There has been some activity in Bandera county but it is not Eagle Ford shale. I think some of it was searching for the Barnett Shale and other older rocks I have heard that a well was drilled last year and it did hit hydrocarbons, but that the rock is very tight and does not yield very productively

Thanks for the information.

My questions result from a March 24, 2011, article in the Bandera County Courier, stating among other things that Bandera County has shale gas prospects and indicating that Tarpley and Vanderpool could become boom towns.

My wife and I currently live in Florida and don't have a lot of contacts in Tarpley or Vanderpool to contact for information on any current leasing activity.

Again, thanks for the information and any additional information that you might come across in the future would also be greatly appreciated.

Hope you have a great day!

I am in Tarpley and I have receive a letter from an NGL Pipeline company that they are coming through laying pipeline that will run from Odessa, Tx all the way to South Tx (about 30 miles). I also know that there has been some kind of drilling on the Garrison Ranch and have no idea what they are drilling for. I have survey flags all over my property and not one person has said a single word to me or contacted me for permission to even cross onto my property. I will post if I find out what they are doing and where they are going