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The notice came from the state tax department. I called them. They called me back in a few days. They now do the appraisal and use a convoluted formula, that they now say is standard. You only have a limited time to challenge it with them not the county. Next month you will get your new tax bill from Doddridge Co.

I will start a discussion today 1-23-has anyone in Doddridge County been signing leases? if so, what are the offers? I will start it off, Received an offer for 1250.00 Ac, and 14%. I know that I am not alone.


I agree. The price of gas futures hit a 2002 low yesterday at a little over $2 due to warm winter and over production. The price they quoted you look terrific to me. Do you have a time limit to decide? I wouldn’t put it off too long before they back off. This advice is coming from a total amateur. I just wish I could undo the lease I’m in.

James, I signed the lease last month. My advise to you is go get a good Lawyer and see if you can get out of that lease. I never sign a lease for over 5-yrs and try for 2yrs.

I’m locked into a lease my father signed 10 years ago for 1/8 interest in royalties, no lease. The company has changed but the lease is still binding, so I’ve been told. There are two producing wells on it that are not marcellas. Sounds like you have a good offer. Do you know if there is much marcellas drilling in the area?

James, I know that a Company is drilling in McClellan district. What we need is more input from Royalty owners in Doddridge County.

Does anyone know a good attorney that represents mineral rights owners in Doddridge Co?

James. The only Oil & Gas attorney that I know of is Matthew Alexander (304-873-1986). He is located near the Court house in West Union. I really need his advice on several issues, however he never returns my calls. Could be that he is very busy. GOOD LUCK, and let me know how it turns out.

I know that their is more than 3 of us in Doddridge County that have interest in G& O. Let’s hear from you, who have you signed leases with, what are you getting per Acre, what royalty interest are you getting, etc. etc?? Come on folks SHARE.

I’m new to this. I have 43 acres off of Johnson Fork and a landman from Antero Resources contacted me about putting a wellsite on my property. I don’t own the mineral rights but he told me that the starting rate for having a wellsite on your property was around $35000 and what ever you could negotiate. Any advice would be appreciated!

Arnold/Tom, I’m in the Greenbrier District. The landman contacted me today and they are drafting an offer to me. I’ll post the details. Any suggestions on a lawyer?

Messina: I have posted about Antero Resources and my experience’s in> W V Marcellus Shale section. All good. What district in Doddridge is Johnson Fork?


Antero contacted me also a few days ago about some land me and my brother have mineral rights to. In the Greenbriar district. They want to do a full title exam in exchange for an option to lease. I will have a lawyer look at the documents when I receive them. Not sure how things will progress, but I will post info and numbers as they develop, and any reciprocal info would be greatly appreciated.

Tom/messina, I have had nothing but good experiences with Antero, have signed leases for G&O ROYALTY in Central District Doddridge County. I am really glad to hear input from other folks in Doddridge, let’s keep communicating it’s the only way to keep the land-man honest. For further info contact me.

I received an “option to lease” from Antero. The terms are for 5 years and 12.5%, and the cash bonus would be $1000/acre. I had a similar situation in Oklahoma last year, and the final terms (typical for that area I think) were 3 years and 18.75% (3/16%). A friend of a friend who is an attorney is going to review the contract to make sure it’s ok. I will try to negotiate for a shorter lease period, and to increase the royalty percentage, and to increase the cash bonus per acre.

Tom: Let us know what the Attorney say’s about the terms of the lease, As you can see by my previous post, I have signed a few leases with Antero. I did not get an Attorney, Negotiated on my own.


Has anyone dealt with a company drilling in this area called Tapo? If so what have been your experiences?

I have signed two more leases with Antero Resources,$1500.00 AC, 14%. I am sharing this with my friends from Doddridge County, however I have not heard from anyone with there Experience’s since early March. If we don’t share how do we know how to negotiate? Also, why join this forum if your not going to SHARE, COME ON FOLKS SHARE. O-by the way I have received my bonus checks already. Arnold

Sorry James, I have heard of this company, but have no experience with them. I will do some digging though.