Division Orders

Just wondering if anyone in the group has had a well drilled by Surge Energy since 2016? How long is it taking to get division orders and first payment for production since there is not a rule governing time limit on these like in Oklahoma.

We have one well that was completed in March last year by Surge, and have yet to see a division order for this well. I was informed by a Surge representative that they had not yet confirmed all titles in this unit. Nearly a year since completion , and still no division order. Maybe we should place some emphasis with Surge to get this done. More calls might help.

Thanks, Richard, for starting this discussion.

I tried to talk to Mark Nelson Monday, Jan. 8 - left a voicemail and later was called by the Owner Relations Department.I was told to email them and they would see that it reached the proper person - Mark Nelson

So I've done that......a very nice lady named Deborah is head of the Owner Relations Department and said she'd be handling all the emails - also said it could take up to 150 days.

Our lease states "Division Orders are to be prepared promptly and correctly and delivered to lessors within 90 days after first production". "Payment:all proceeds derived from the sale of oil or gas production and payable as royalty must be paid by the lessee his agent or assigns to each on or before 120 days after the end of the month of the first production...." if they don't, they have to pay interest of 18% payable after the 120th day"

WOO HOO let's see what happens next....I'll keep y'all posted if you will do the same

Rena Keane

Gary; Where is your well located? We have had a good working relationship with Surge so far, dealt with Mark Nelson quite often. I started this discussion to see what answers we would get, just started drilling in our area in the summer.

Sent you an email!!!

There is a well that apparently had its first production in Jun 2017--we rcd our 1st check in Dec 2017. Surge delayed by repeating complicated title searches and claiming Tall Cities did not give them good complete records. Tall Cities folks were not too pleased with that accusation. We have no so far seen a map of what portion of our sections were used for this well...or the next well which is close to--if not already complete. We agreed to a pooling concept that will eat up our land much faster than the old concept. Horizontal wells can be two miles in length and involve several sections. Its important to know the plat of each well to have the division correctly calculated. We all need to insist on Surge sharing this information. We need to know what they are doing as early in the process as possible. Yes phone calls with your questions need to be a regular part of doing business with them.

Dan; You can go on the TRC website and click on online data and go to drilling permits and launch it and mark Borden county and use Surge's Number 760725 under operator number and submit and it will show all permits that are seeking or have in Borden. Click on the well name and it will show the application, then go to bottom of that page and click on the plat drawing and it will show the drilling unit for that well and the acreage for each section. If you have a problem message me on this site and I will give U my phone #. Hope this helps.

The well is in Sections 20 and 29, partly in Borden and partly in Howard County, Dragon Unit B 20-29, well

No. 8AH.

Have you received your division order for any of your wells?

We cannot expect any thing but delays.. and total BS from this company and those that want to delay or pay what they owe to Americans. I would guess by challenging them I will see very few if ever any royalty checks from now on. Right away they use Texas law and Federal law to try to disprove all that we have worked for to assure our legal rights. The lady that was told she should wait 150 days to an email question should be an alert us all what we are up against, This is a Chinese enterprise that has seeped into our lives. It is despicable that our governments have allowed it. The money they owe me is secondary. I just just wish the USG had never allowed this kind of thing. It not all the Chicoms fault and the Texas/American lawyers are surely as guilty as anyone of duplicity and anti Texas/American activity.

If you have interest in the whole section there are 3 wells producing at this time. The only thing I could see that might be holding the payments up is a title search since there are 7 tracts in unit B area and 5 tracts in Unit A wells. We have not received any orders or payment yet because our first production was in December. We have 3 wells drilled at this time, waiting to frac one and two more permits to drill in Feb.. and March.

I saw your email. Now I have a polite question--I hope. Are you in some way the moderator of this site?--and do you decide who says what? Its fine what ever --but I plan to stay away from it rather than be treated as a child.

Dan I did not send U an email, I replied to Rena above and sent her email. We communicate quite often. I have not made any rude comments to U just offered nicely below to help figure out your royalty percentage point on your royalty for the unit U are in. I am a member of this forum and just try and help others out. I see just now your response about Chinese ownership above and some one else probably messaged U. I hope Your dealings with Surge get's better, we have had no such problems. I just thank God that someone is developing Borden County.

Richard, I have inherited minerals in the T. J. Goode, Sec 10and just found out was drilled back in 2014 by Tall City Operations and operated until Surge Energy took over in March 2016. The only way I found out about this activity was when I received an offer to buy my interest. I called Surge and they asked for my contact info and only Debra can answer questions. I did find out they are selling all their interest to another company. I have not been able to get anything about this from either company. Is there a court document that could stop the sale until I get this resolved? Very frustrating. First time had this happen before!

Richard, can you explain how to open a"tif" file ? Many of the plats are in this format, and I have not been able to open any of them.

Gary really do not know. I have never had any problem on the TRC website with opening the plat diagrams associated with the permit application.

Dan if U will accept my friend request and then let me know the plats U want to look at I will scan them and send them in a message to U or give me an email address and I will send them that way if that will help.

The leases that Tall City sold was to Moss Creek Resources backed by a Chinese company and money and Surge Energy is operating and drilling in this area for Moss Creek.Since Surge is the operator only and doing a lot of drilling in the area I doubt there is a sell being done.. You could contact Lion oil and ask for owner relations and probably be able to get any money owed U. Lion is the buyer for the oil and gas.

Go to IrfanView website at irfanview.com and download either the 32 bit or 64 bit viewer, depending on your computer. Make irfanview as the default app for all tif and tiff files. The window to do this should pop open automtically after your download irfanview and it will ask what files to apply irfanview to. Scroll down the list to tif. Irfanview is free and been around for decades.

BJ2, are you referring to Section 10 in Blk 32 or Blk 33, T-3-N? I live in Borden Co near Block 32, and might have direction for you, but have to have more info from you to know where the well is located.

Richard, do you have to be signed in to the RRC's online data base to access the drilling permits as you explained above? If not, please show step by step as I have not been able to access as you directed. Thanks. Pat