Division order or Lease?

Yesterday I received Division orders from Cheyenne Petroleum for the Brian 27-34 S1H in Sections 27-1s-4w and 34-1S-4W. I have not received a lease for same. Well was permitted because OCC order 719693 dated 27 July 2021. Is this the cart before the horse? I do not understand how Cheyenne can send division orders when they have not secured leases yet. What am I missing? Thanks for any help with this.

Cheyenne pooled 27 in May 2020, 89 Energy pooled again in June 2021. Cheyenne pooled 34 in June 2021. Check the pooling lists and see if you or a relative are on it. If no one responded, then they assigned a royalty to you. If you have moved and did not file your address with the county, they they might have been looking for you, but did not find you. Surface location for the Brian is in sec 22.

You may be held by an old lease with shallow production. Contact the Division Order Analyst at Cheyenne and get them to explain.

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I am in the same situation as Teresa McKinnon except that my Division Order was incorrect and when I contacted them about it I also asked how they could issue a DO without a lease and was told that my “mineral rights are in 34-1S-4W and they are held by production by old oil and gas leases that are still in production.” They also referenced OGL 394/403 and OGL 539/216. Is there a way for me to find out what these are about? Also, how does one check the pooling lists?

My correct name and address was included in every mailing their attorneys sent out and the only thing I ever saw that suggested I needed to contact them was if the address was wrong.

Thanks for any advice you can give. I appreciate your contributions to this site.

Here are some useful sites that will help you find info. Pending OCC cases at the following link: http://www.occeweb.com/caseprocessingonline/default.aspx

Actual cases if you have the case numbers: http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OAP.aspx

Docket proceedings: http://www.occeweb.com/ap/docket_results.html

Well activity: http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OGWellRecords.aspx

Those lease codes might be their internal codes or they might be the book and page number where they are filed at the courthouse. You might try www.okcountyrecords.com and see if those match.
That area has some really!!! old shallow fields that hold many a lease.
Production: Gross Production

Thank you for your prompt response. I will see what I can find using your suggestions. I inherited a dozen or so very small and very old royalty interests and have spent the last two years trying to understand them and get them in my name. And you are right, some of them are really old. The earliest paperwork I have found goes back to the 1950s but I think they were drilled before that. Thanks again.

Thank you for the responses. I have spent most of today looking through correspondence dating back to 2018 from multiple attorneys representing multiple companies concerning this well. There is absolutely nothing about the pooling mentioned above. I have checked Ok. County records website and I have not found any leases filed that seem to be related to this particular well. I tried to reach someone at Cheyenne this afternoon but was not successful. Where do I find the pooling lists? I thought there would be notification that pooling was approved with an opportunity to sign leases, but I received nothing. I do not believe that I have any old leases holding production as there has been no revenue from Section 27 for many years. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Use the pooling link I posted above and look up your section to get a history of the poolings. Start with the CaseProcessingOnline. Let me know if you get stuck.

Did you inherit recently? I did a quick look and did not see your name, so it might be listed under someone else.

Thank you for your help. I inherited about 1984, almost 40 years ago. I have not moved or changed addresses in 11 years. My interest in this well, 90 acres, is all in section 27 and I have other interests in sections 9, 10, 11, and 15. My name and address is correctly shown in county records as are all the probates related to these interests. The interests go all the way back to Great Grandfather Henry Ellsworth Russell, Grandfather Jewel Otto Colvin, and Father James Preston Colvin. If there were any question about name or address they would not have been able to send division orders.

When I looked at Stephens County filings there were none for any of my cousins either (there are 8 of us). That is another reason why I think something is really wrong here.

Contact the Division Order Analyst for that section and ask for clarification. Get your geneology together and be ready for any of their questions. Ask for the date of the lease that may hold the section for your family. I have acreage nearby and I am also held by a very!!! old lease on the shallow production.

For section 27, what is the description of your acres? The quarter section that you are in may be the key factor.

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I tried to respond to your email but it went to “noreply@www.mineralrightsforum.com” so I will try to reply here. The link you gave took me to a page that said that link no longer existed but put a new link but when I clicked on it I got a message saying that Safari could not find that server. So I just went to the OCC website and finally found the Case Processing page but none of the information from the “lawyer mailings” or that I had in my files worked in the Search fields.

I inherited 19 properties in September 2019, 3 of which are in Stephens County Section 34-T1S-R4W and based on what paperwork I have, they date back at least to the 1950s. I have requested the API numbers from Stephens & Johnson so that I can identify them in the July 2019 list of Active Wells.

But that still will not explain how it is that a new well drilled within the spacing unit in which I have existing leases can effectively force pool me using the Royalty Interest rates of those existing wells. Assuming their attorneys know what they are doing and this is something they can do, I’d still like to understand the rationale.

P.S. I checked out your business profile (very impressive) and noticed that you live in Bellaire. I live about 20 miles south in Sienna Plantation. Small world.

Your old lease didn’t have a depth clause & you are HBP from old wells that you should be getting paid on. So your lessee owns your rights and you are subject to that old lease.

Yes, Todd is correct. The very old leases did not usually have depth clauses, so they went to the center of the earth and held every reservoir whether they knew about them or not at the time. Whatever the original royalty was, that is still the royalty. Many of us are held by those old leases that are quite legitimate (even if we are annoyed). The new wells are held by the old lease, not a new force pool. Force pool is for those that are unleased.

There are five wells that are still producing in that section (as of April 2021 listing)

Thank you for turning the light on!

The description of your acreage combined with the spacing orders for each well would determine which wells are holding your lease. For example, if the well has an 80 acre spacing in the NE4, but your acreage is entirely within the SW4, then that particular producing well is not holding your lease. If there was a different well in the SW4 and the spacing overlaps your description, then that well that is still producing would probably be the one holding you (or another one).

Look up the exhibits for case 202101058 https://imaging.occ.ok.gov/AP/CaseFiles/occ30412374.pdf

Thank you for the very clarifying “center of the earth” comment. It makes visualizing what is taking place a lot clearer. Three of the five producing wells are mine. Thanks again for your help.

How interesting, I am waiting for a call back from Nichols. I signed a lease agreement with them on Cheyenne’s behalf on May 20th, 2021. I have not signed a DO. Our trust has a small piece of Section 34-1S-4W.

Hello I am trying to find away ans those that have been over our trust funds I been trying for a couple years now no luck and I know there is $$ in the trust on those wells my aunt told me about it but she died and never got to finish telling me and her husband is clue less he said there is paper on this matter but it got discarded after she past any ideals Mrs Barns you found our grid of connectid wells its apart of the sundance 26 01 04w and 35 Stephens county thanks again I hope this iia enough to go but thanks

Mrs. BARNS trying to figure out about this info on the spacing and if my wells are doing what 26 1s 4 w and 35 along with the sundance kid well


If you minerals are in Section 26 or Section 35, they are part of the Sundance Kid well drilled by Camino. We should see Division Orders and checks in January for those interest owners that don’t have title requirements.