Delinquent tax notice - wrong ISD

Received a notice today regarding delinquent Balmorhea ISD taxes for 2020-2021 - due in three days. All of our taxes in the past have been for PBT ISD. Good grief. Of course they sicced a law firm on us - Linebarger Gogga Blair and Sampson out of San Antonio.

PBT ISD and Balmorhea ISD are both in Reeves County and your taxes depend on the portion of the well acreage within each district school border. It is even possible that the ISD division line goes through the acreage and part of the value will be taxed by each district. You need to address this issue. Go to the Reeves CAD website and look at the appraisal for this well or wells to see the various taxing agencies.

Previously, and in subsequent tax valuations and assessments all of our wells were listed in PBT ISD. Tax office did go back, talk to the appraisal district and verify that this well should be in PBT ISD (richest school district in the state). I kind of posted this to reinforce the issue the tax office and appraisal district are still having with their software change overs (I won’t say upgrade).

All 6 properties for which I just received the delinquent tax notice from the law firm have already been paid. These were also part of the tax notice where they sent the letter stating this statement is finally right and you can rely on it to be correct, even though it was stating I owed for taxes already paid. And now Reeves won’t answer their phone.

I got a delinquent tax notice too. As usual, nobody at the tax office will answer the phone. Called Capital Appraisal to see if they could help. They can’t see who has or hasn’t paid and noted that the Reeves Tax website has not been functioning for months. It was suggested to me by a relative to make copies, front and back, of the checks I sent Reeves showing I have already paid the taxes they have marked as delinquent.

Better to find your receipts for taxes paid which will list all the individual wells and tax year(s). Check copy will not prove which wells and detail data.

I tried many times over the past few months to pay my Reeves taxes online, but website never worked, this last time I noticed a link to a form you can fill out and send it, that requests wavier of interest and penalties due to the issues. Supposedly they’ll call you back to make payment arrangements. Of course maybe it takes another 3 years to get the call back.

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A receipt would be helpful but I can’t even get that from Reeves Co. :confused:

My problem with Reeves County tax assesor collector office is we have had too many shenanigans where the information they have is not correct.

On top of this, whether I paid the tax bill or not, I am not going to recall what was sent to me for 2021 taxes. Now I get the first notice of delinquent taxes from a friggin Law office in San Antonio(on 7-28-2023). Way to go Reeves County for not sending me a notice before you sent this to collections.

Somehow they chose one of my properties out of 50+ as not having been paid. Most likely I paid this along with all of the others at the same time. Unless, due to their ineptness, they neglected to send me the amount due on this particular property. Also What about their website that has been down for ages and their employees who do not answer their phone? Ugh…

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today i received a second notice from another collective of shysters out of Midland for the same property and for the same taxing entity…BISD. I am guessing the tax office is paying our tax dollars out the wazoo for legal services.

If you have multiple properties being taxed, use a spreadsheet to keep track of property taxes. Separate line for each well. Columns with well name; Reeves property id; RRC lease id; well DOI; appraisal value; tax charge; tax year; taxing entities. That way you know if any wells are not taxed on one bill. Then when new tax bill comes, you can see if it is only missing wells or for different tax year(s). Create separate spreadsheet for second bill, whether on same page under first bill or on separate page. Note the tax paid date. Total each set of charges to be sure they match the bill being paid. Also when you look at taxing entities you can see whether school district is on the bill or if you will get a separate statement. This is really not different from reconciling your bank statement or credit card bill. Yes this can be time consuming to set up for first year, but you can use as a basis for the next year. And save this data and all related paperwork so you can both determine and what you have and have not paid.


It is absolutely imperative to save all paperwork , receipts, bills, leases, correspondence, etc relating to your minerals and surface. Keep originals in a paper folders. Scan and save digital copies to named folders on your computer. Reeves County Tax Assessor sent out property tax statements because otherwise no one would send in a tax payment. I have always received a payment receipt confirming payment and the receipt has the same list of wells. Please stop throwing away all your real property documents!


The clown show known as the Reeves CAD and, by extension Capitol Appriasal, has struck again. Bills on wells not in that school district. Bills and penalties for wells already paid. Worse, tax lien threats on wells I know for sure we never got appriasal notices and bills on, even if any of these are correct. I doubt they are.

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Here is the TEA interactive app which shows the school district boundaries - ArcGIS Web Application

I have just received a Reeves County delinquent tax warning from the San Antonio law firm. I went through the paperwork that I have and it looks like the 2021 taxes were not paid due to issues with the manager at the time. The tax amount looks to be close to what the tax bill could be plus interest. However, I have two 2021 tax statements that look to be printed from a computer. One of the statements shows all zeros for each well tax owed but with a specific tax due in the total. The second statement shows taxes owed for each well and with the same specific total tax due as the first statement. Neither of these statements have the correct list of wells! The delinquent tax warning has the correct list of wells but some of the tax amounts per well are lower and some are higher than the second 2021 tax statement. And I did receive a 2022 tax statement with the correct list of wells which I have paid! What to do? The Reeves County tax website is no help. I hear that some people are calling Reeves County and getting help. I am inclined just to pay the bill as it is in line with what I would expect and has the correct wells One would think that with such a large revenue stream the county could find someone to make it work correctly

Based on that map we are PBT ISD. That is what Josh at the appraisal district confirmed as well this morning. Not sure how many years the appraisal district and the tax office are going to blame their issues on software upgrades/migration. If any of the ERP upgrades I worked on continued to have issues this amount of time into the process there would be some unemployed.

Update- We also got a Notice of Tax Lien from the Perdue firm for 2020 and 2021 Balmorhea ISD taxes on wells west of Toyah. I found where we paid the 2020 taxes in August 2022. I sent this to the Reeves Tax Office and asked them to notify Perdue to remove this. The Notice does not specify which wells are for 2021 taxes or how much. We are still looking through our bills on the 2021 Balmorhea taxes but I am sure they were paid or were never billed.

We’ll see what kind of response we get. If you got a Perdue notice for Balmorhea taxes only check the supplemental bills sent out last year.

Note that some wells which have property across the ISD boundary into another school district will be billed for both districts. It is supposed to be proportional, but good luck checking that.


We also got a Delinquent Tax Warning (the “Notice”) from the Tax Office/Linebarger firm for 2020 and 2021 taxes. I compared it to the Supplemental Tax Statement we paid last August. EVERY BILL WAS PAID LAST AUGUST. Worse, I also see:

  1. None of the Account Numbers of the Notice match the Property ID #s on the Tax Statement;
  2. None of the dollar amounts on the Notice match what was billed last August unless it includes penalties and interest;
  3. The Notice includes three properties with no description, but an amount due;
  4. The Notice repeated six wells twice.

Yours may be totally different. Just passing along our experience. Looks like another abject failure by the Tax Office to credit payments properly and keeping their database from becoming mismatched.

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Here is a minor grievance with the RCAD and the Reeves County Tax Office - they publish email contact information, but to this date I don’t recall ever having them reply to multiple efforts to reach out to them.


I was forwarded an email from Sandra Soto, Chief Deputy, saying the yellow Linebarger notices for 2020 and 2021 taxes are an error and should be disregarded. They are supposed to send out a follow up letter confirming this.


Just trying to shed some light on the latest screw up by this office.

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