Delinquent tax notice - wrong ISD

Received a letter over the weekend from one of the law firms indicating I should disregard the previous notice of unpaid taxes as it was based on incorrect information.


We got our letter from the Linebarger firm withdrawing their erroneous yellow notices they sent. The list of wells matched the ones attached to the notice.

Still have not heard about the Perdue firm notices we got for Balmorhea ISD.

On further study of my Reeves County 2021 delinquent tax warning, I found that the warning was missing one well. I did not pay my 2021 taxes, so I do owe them. I sent a certified letter and a check, both of which said that this was payment in full for my 2021 Reeves County tax due. I recently a detailed receipt in the mail acknowledging my payment as payment in full. So onward!

5TH UPDATE - Tax collection is being shifted back to the Reeves CAD, which does the appraisals, and updated notices are supposed to go out in October. No word yet whether the Reeves Tax Office is going to be abolished or retain collection work for some of the taxing entities they represent. Also no word on what is going to happen to the employees in the Tax Office.

It did seem the recent round of errors were because the Tax Office was loading the wrong database they had been given by Reeves CAD and their contractor.

I always pay my property taxes by Check and the tax ID number for each tract. I also keep paper copies as well as saving it to my tax documents for the year. I do not pay any of it online because of many reasons. CAD’s usually charge about a 3 % fee for credit or debit card payments. Other reason’s also.