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Can anyone give me feedback on a fair lease amount for 13-18-8?

Can anyone give me feedback on a fair lease amount for 13-18-8?

Contact Smyth Land Service (918) 745-9210

or D & D Oil & Gas at PO Box 9451, Tulsa, OK 74157 to try and get a competing offer.

I'm searching for info concerning a well (Stice No. 1) that filed an "intent to drill" in Sec. 5-17N-10E of Creek Co. Anyone have any info???

This is a real informative sight,although I woundn't want to pay to go. It gives us an idea of some of the companies in the area. Some of there wells farther north have come in at 250bbls/d and lots of water. I came across some of these horizontal wells on the OCC website and they are almost the same depth that we are, in Creek county also the Woodford formation is just past the Mississippi Lime.

I'm looking for feedback on any activity in Section 27-016N-010W. Any comments would be appreciated.

Any offers in 18-16N-11E? or just 16N township?


I'm looking for info about Javelin Energy, LLC out of Depew and their interest in Sec 7, 15N,8E

I have a offer of 75.00 and 3/16 sec 9 and sec16 14-N 8-E from Symth Land Services. Anyone know of any other Co. making offers in that area.

H L GASTON III BOX 212 OKMULGEE, OK 74447 has most of the leasing in 14n-8e. There is a pooling pending for the w/2 se/4 of section 10 by Emerald OIl .

Comment by Hugh Williamson on September 17, 2013

I have 3.66 net mineral interest in Creek County Sec.6, Township 14N, Range 9E. I have just been offered a $50 per acre royalty and 3/16 share. Is this reasonable or very low, can anyone say? Also, why do some leasors lease these little things? They never seem to drill on them? Can anyone help, please? Hugh Williamson

Just received an offer for $150 per acre bonus and 3/16 royalty in sec 4 & 10 16N-9E from Dark Horse Energy.

I could find one horizontal well about two miles from you . They have filed paper work for another about a mile from you .

If the well in 20 would produce at half of what it tested in the completion report they could pay for drilling the well, $3,000,000, in less then a year. I would be in no hurry to lease,and watch the terms of the lease .

Hey folks. Just ran across an old mineral deed in Creek County,OK.

Section 31-17N-10E. Grandfather used to work the oil patch in OK back

in his day. I live in Dallas an not familiar the area. I would appreciate any

info on what's going on or has gone on with minerals in the area.

I just recieved a lease offer from Dark Horse formerly Viper. 16N 9E sections 2 & 3 three different offers I would choose $150 and 3/16ths. I also have 40acres in section 10 but no offers. I,am currently leased to Viper farther north in 17N 9E 26 they have one year left on the lease. I only got $60 an acre back then

Brett Viper gave some 1/5 in 17n-9e Triad gave 1/4 in 29-17n-9e . This looks like a good well in 20 .

Who is Viper leasing for?

Has anyone received offers or know of drilling going on in 30-14N-10E? I received 3 year term offers at $200 acre (1/8), $150 acre (1/6), and $100 acre (3/16).

Does anyone know what is going on in 21-14-9?