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I was looking at the Strike Energy that was sent on Fayette county oil and gas web site what is the Eagle Landing, it looks like it gets the top corner of Colorado County about where is the boundary what roads is part of the eagle landing? Any other news about new wells or anything going on near New Bielaua, (not sure how to spell that)

anything going on by Altair?

where is altair, where is it from weimar

There has been some talk that Arrowhead is starting to lease again around Columbus Texas. Why would they do that before the seismic work is completed? Do they know about something that they are not disclosing or are they rolling the dice. That being said, would you want to lease before or after the seismic work is done? I guess the seismic reports could go either way. Any ideas?

anbody know about Hess doing something called Hackberry, at the fayette/colorado county line , where is hackberry is that an area or a name that hess came up with

I think its right by oakland

is oakland in fayette or colorado, is there anything there named hackberry or a county rd number

It is on line with colorado/lavaca . Not much there except an old stagecoach stop/store.

Nancy Peterson, contact me if you what info about Hackberry or Oakland, I may be able to help you my family has been here since 1845.

Where did everybody go? Not much going on, on here. New Bielau is still drilling from what I can see. Maybe the drilling companies are looking for the Burns 9600 channel sand here as well as @ Moravia, not far across the way to the east to where NB is. Just a thought...

Hello I am new to this forum, but it looks like it might have some great information. I have 200 acres of land in the Glidden area (between Borden and 71 bordering the river). We signed a 3 year lease with Devon after they tried to get us to sign a seismic only contract. We held out and they finally offered a royalty lease. This was very early this year and I was under the belief that the seismic testing of a very big area of Colorado County was in full swing. I was wondering if anyone had heard what they found with their testing and if they are done or still thumping? We don't live there so i wouldn't know if they came on our land or not. Any activity that anyone knows about concerning Devon's seismic play would be greatly appreciated!

David, I don't know if anybody monitors this site anymore, there has been no comments since March of this year. My interests are on the Lavaca county line near Oakland. I know there was 3D siesmic done already around my place since 2007.

The 3D Seismic was completed just before deer season(early November) last year in the middle part of the county. Hwy 90E/71 bypass vicinity. Not sure if the land owners will get the results or not. I would say no.

Thanks for the comments John and Steve. I hope activity increases which might bring more comments to the forum. I've heard all kinds of rumors but I think they are just that, rumors. I'm pretty sure they weren't planning on giving the landowners any of the seismic results. If anyone hears of well permits or successful/dry drilling please keep me informed, mostly out of curiosity and hope! Take care,


David, If you know where the old burned down New Bielau Hall was off of FM 155 and FM 532, just east of there, there is a little boom going on nearby on County Road 230. Also there is a company re-entering some wells near Sheidan/Sublime area, that is all I now, for Colo. cty.

anything happening in colorado county near fm 155 and I-10 anybody getting any offers for lease

I have'nt heard a word, but I don't get to the feed store in Weimar much anymore. Nothing from the neighbors either, All the activity I know of is in the Praha-Komensky area southwest of Schulenburg. Monitor the Cypress and Fayette sites for any latest info.

Hello! Is anyone out there anymore? I've been hearing of some lease activity near Sheridan. Has anybody else heard anything?