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Sam. Do you have oil gas leases in Richill or elsewhere in Greene county? What if anything do you know about RHL 71 HS B Unit

Yes, I am in units in Richhill, among others. In fact, from one of your other posts, we may be distantly related.

Are you sure it is B unit you are in? What questions did you have?

I am thinking I might have put that in wrong. I will check my files again when I go to storage. Did you have family in that an lived CV in McCracken, Greene County. That can is what they called the town when I was 13 yoa. My 0relstives were the Houston’s. One of My great aunts Naomi Houston My grandfathers sister, my grandfather’s name was Ralph Dickey Houston. His sister Naomi married a McCracken. From the stories I remember the town was full of Houston’s & McCrackens. I have relatives buried in Sugar PfGrove Cemetery in McCracken. You don’t see the name McCracken on that part of anymore. As far as we I am can be tell bc they are callig vs wh as t CV I be knew to as McCracken, is ccalled Richill now . On down the road a spell from Aunt Pat Houston’s log cabin was another one of my grandpa’s brothers farm & there are wells on that property also… They are calling Uncle George’s & Aunt Ferns farm I believe in Jackson Township. That can property over 136 acres. The acres in Richill is around 145 acres & I b0elieve Aunt Pat was over all of that but as far as I know in it I’m belongped to alll of the brothers & sisters… I have not been up there since I was 13 years old with my grandpa Ralph Dickey ⁰& grandma Jessie Houston who lived here in DC ort be Worth he, Texas… So does any of of Cthose can of t hose names I dropped ring any bells? Ok another great BB uncle’s had a farm around Holbrook I believe it was. That was Uncle Melvin Samuel Houston & his wife’s name was Do or Rd o to hy.p pi bc know there daughters to name was Barbara… So do you think we might be related still?. I know there was another great aunt that lived in Columbus, Ohio Aunt Peg to her name was Margaret. Then another brother in 0 West Virginia maybe Fairm on unt

Fairmount. His name was Paul Houston & I can’t remember his wife’s name. Uncle Paul had Palsey if I remember correctly He had a creek that ran A little ways in front of his house on that an we can w ok up ld an c as t CV h VC crawd as D’s is n… his he ouse car was CV beautiful… Sorry to about all be oof the typos. I have to vis ok on be issues & this phone is not cooperating with me. It would be cool if we were related cause I would love to know more about family members up there I loved it up there & pray I can afford a trip up there one more time before I die. I am the youngest grandchild that Ralph Dickey Houston had. My mother was his youngest daughter’s child & her name was Patty Florence named Patty after Great Aunt Pat to& Florence after Ralph’s mother I believe. I do have questions but I will ask l as trr can to o be see if CV you cc an AC give me as one CV info. Mtsh57

Sam the papers that give me some kind of idea where I am are Amended Declarations of Pooling in which my sisters name appears & my mothers sister who past a few years back & her so had a poa. I have more than 1 map location with map that I had previously found. RHL71HS SOUTH B UNIT, RHL71HS SOUTH C UNIT, RHL71HS SOUTH D UNIT. There may have been another maybe an E Unit but I am not seeing it in my papers they are out of order. The tax parcel id #'s are Parcels 22-03-0123, 22-03-0123C, 22-03-0123D, & 22-03-0123E. I see the name Silver Fox Farms LLC all up around in the pooling documents. So you had mentioned you thought we might be related by something you previously saw. Did any of this info give you any more info to know if we might be or not? My people Were Houstons, my grandfather Ralph D Houston, one of his sisters was married to a McCracken & that was what that section where my great Aunt Pat lived. She had a log Cabin house, Across from where that was was suppossed to be where the old homestead was where my grandpa & his siblings were born. The great aunt that married the McCracken ended up a widow. later she remarried. Anyway I know there are relatives with the name of Driehearst not sure if that is spelled right. I researched a lot of stuff before & have seen the name but didnt pay enough attention to remember the spelling. There were several siblings & I would have

Good Morning Mtsch, yes, we are distantly related. I remember seeing Aunt Pat’s cabin and maybe even going there once. I was very young.

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