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Steve: The Operator only has an obligation to provide current information to Working Interest owners that pay for a share of the well. October production in Dixon was 6,502 bbl oil 87,817 MCF gas. Mid November it was doing 220 bbl/day and 4,400 MCF/day.


Hello Bob Titley,

Thank you very much for your October Dixon production post - that is good information see - and have a good day!



Dennis Sloan: I don’t see a pooling app in 23. 22 and 27 have been pooled or applied for. BUT…I upgraded my Macbook operating system and reloaded Java and now it won’t let me access the OCC site…so that is what is listed in I don’t know how long the time lag is for drilling info to pick up new apps.


Unfortunately No


Do you have a wife named Christy?


Bob Tilley, I,have tried to find out the production of XTO’s two wells on th SW1/4 of Sec 5, T5S, R2E. I have been told they have been flared. I have tried to access the OKCC www but unable to get to where I can find the info. Could you give all of us who do not know how a step by step process to retrieve well production data from thebOKCC? It would be appreciated. We have property in the SW1/4 of Sec8 T5S. R 2E. Thanks, Jim Gigoux Sacramento


Jim Cigoux…do you know the names of the two wells?


Thanks Bob for that Dixon Information …Looks like it is going to be a good well…


Bob Titley,

Continental Resources is currently drilling a well at the north end of section 22 5s 3w and drilling horizontally southward under section 22 and 27 5s 3w. A new well pad is currently under construction at the south end of section 31 5s 2w and Continental will be drilling northward under section 31 and 30 5s 2w. In Carter County, Oklahoma.

Bob, hope you get your computer issues resolved because I will have questions in the future. Again, if there is anything I can help you with please let me know.

I appreciate your help Bob.

Dennis K. Sloan


Does anyone know if any operations have started on land in 8-3S-3W? I.E. a pad or dirt moved?


I have been asking about Sec 30-1S-3W for a few years & never heard from anyone. Citation made an offer to buy. Just wonder why?



Hello All

I recently was in Ardmore with my family attending to my mother’s funeral in October. While there, we checked our property in Section 8 and 21. All of our property is leased by Continental Resources. While checking section 21, we found a producing well Shively 1-21-16XH. To date the Oil Commission has only issued a Permit and received a Spud Notice. There is no completion or production information. When the person saw the well was Continental Resources, she let out a big sigh… as to say they are slow to report.

Any suggestions as Continental Resources has not returned any phone calls.

Thank you




To view some information on the completion of Shively 1-21-16XH type into your Internet search engine. Once on this site click on daily well completions then click on December 5, 2014 and look for some completion information from Continental Resources Shively 1-21-16XH. This is what I see:

Continental Resources


Oil 234 Gas 3749 Water 1508 Flow

21-3S-3W Shively1-21-16XH

TD: 20633

October 23, 2014 API: 35019260860000


Anyone have any activety on our Sect 29 & 30 town 4 South Range 3 East. 225 ac Thanks Sid.


Continental Resources is actively leasing in Sec 31-3S-1W for a Frac well running from NE/4 to SE/4 in Woodford formation.


We have right in S22 5S 2W and S27 4S 2E - I noticed that Dennis and Bob mentioned that Continenetal was driling in this area yesterday - should I bother contacting them?


To Ron. any info on oil & gas flow amounts on 29 4s-2east. thanks Sid


Janet: Citation has been operating in the sections next door with an old unit they purchased. But you are also in the oil fairway for the Woodford. No applications for anything that I see yet, but it looks to be a good area to be in. You may have to be patient. Just curious, but what did they offer per acre?


I think (hope may be a better word) that we will see activity increase in 1S-3W in the future. Chesapeake has/had quite a bit of leasehold. Some of which has been assigned to Marathon. I know Marathon has been exercising the options on the existing leases the last few months. Our leases in 1S-3W expire in about 6 months but we were leased in the later rounds.



The Woodford is relatively shallow at around 7,500’ sub-sea in 30-1S-3W. From what I have seen, the woodford has not “cooked” enough to generate lighter hydrocarbons (gassier) and would make it less attractive for one to develop the Woodford shale by unconventional means; especially at this price environment of $70/BBL oil. Citation operates the large number of Deese wells in the section, which was originally developed by Mobile Oil; thus the reason for Citation’s mineral purchase offer.

Hope this helps with your question. Best Regards.