Carter County Mineral Owners 2 & 11 2S-3W


I have 3 separate Notice of Continuance before the Corporation Commission. In each case, the Applicant is Echo Operating/ Echo E&P Case #03637: Establish a 320 acre Horizontal Drilling & Spacing Legal Description: N/2 of Sect. 11, T2S, R3W, Carter Co. Case #03638: Establish a 640 acre Horizontal Drilling & Spacing Legal Description: Sect. 11, T2S, R3W, Carter Co. Case #03682: Establish a Multiunit Horizontal Well Legal Description: Sections 2 and 11, T2S, R3W, Carter Co. Also received today from Rough Rider Resources: Oil and Gas Lease/ Term Assignment Offer Section 11-T2S-R3W Carter Co. 3 Options: Assign or Lease for $2,000 PNMA at a 1/8th Royalty [87.50% NRI] Assign or Lease for $1,750 PNMA at a 3/16th Royalty [87.25% NRI] Assign or Lease for $1,250 PNMA at a 1/5th Royalty [80.00% NRI] I assume that there is an affiliation between Echo Operating and Rough Rider but that is just my assumption. This is just a bare bones offer - the devil is in the details. Questions or Comments always welcome. Steve Matthews


I also am getting the same offer from RoughRiders LLC. I’m new to these kind of offers but extremely interested. Any suggestions would be appreciated


I will wait until I hear from Echo since they have filed intent to drill with the Corporation Commission. I have filed the Red Rider offer for now. sm


This continuance from Echo Drilling is what I need to wait for? Do I need to seek legal counsel in Oklahoma or what??? I can’t find anyone in Arkansas that claims to know the law. Can I do this by myself??


Steve Matthews I’m in the same “zones” as your description of rights. I haven’t received a royalty check in a long time. Any suggestions


No, I have received nothing from Echo except the copy of their intent to drill from their OK Attorney of Record. Any offers from them would come later. sm


My last check was from Linn Energy like two years ago. I’m really confused about this. I also got this through an inheritance from my dad his mother (my grandmother). I’ve asked questions about my interest with no response thanks


Contact Linn Energy and see what they suggest. I know they went through bankruptcy. My notes show Scout Energy Management took over from Linn earlier this year. I know I signed a Division Order with Scout . You might want to also check Oklahoma unclaimed property.


Anything in sec 11,township 2, s range 3west Carter County. Sec 2 & the n/2 if sec 11 T2 S range 3 West. Horizontal Drilling RoughRiders LLC assign /lease interest for $2000 per net mineral acre at a 1/8 Royalty (87.50% NRI). $1750 pma @ 3/16 Roy (81.25%NRI). $1250 pma @1/5 Roy (80.00%). 3 year term assignment of OG lease or 3 year primary paid-up OG lease


Yes, I got this too. However, I got Intent to drill from Echo Energy, mailed to me from their OK Attorneys of Record. The Rough Riders website was just a pretty picture with not much else. The question I have at this point regarding this is Rough Riders leasing on behalf of Echo or otherwise? sm


This is why I enjoy this. That’s a great question those numbers I posted were from RR LLC the only thing I got with Echoes name on it was the Atty continuation. I did call Rod@roughriders he said he could accept the choice I wanted over the phone. I stated I’d like to talk to an Atty, he said sure that would be fine. ???


Hi Bob-

I have interests in 2S-3W that I am interested in selling but I want to be sure I am working with a reputable company and not someone who is just looking to flip a lease. Are the companies that you wold recommend that I speak with regarding these interests? I have NMA between sections and 5.

Thank you-

Kyle Brooks


I think we’re all holding out. Then evaluate who is going to be the better deal for us. Not necessarily going for large payouts but steady.


Has any pay outs been done in sec 2&11 township 2south range 3 Carter county?? Haven’t heard anything lately


Echo just filed a bunch of cases for section 2 and 11. The orders are not out yet. Hang in there.


Thanks for the info MBarnes


Who do I need to talk to about what’s going on in 2&11 2s3w haven’t heard a peep out of anyone. Used to get letters for court hearings I’d call leave message. No call back. Now no mail correspondence nothing. Nothing changed on my end. I’m hoping someone isn’t getting my royalty money with some kind of trickery. I’m not happy about this so anyone who can cool me off please do.


Echo Operating is the operator for those two sections. The earrings are supposed to be in early January. You should get final orders after they are decided. If you received the notice of hearing, then you can follow the activity on the OCC website. OAP Type in the case numbers and you can see the pertinent activity. (May be delayed due to winter storms) These things take time between the notice of the hearing and the actual hearing, so this is normal. If you need the case numbers, come back and I can give them to you.


Ok thanks a lot for answering me. It just seemed suspicious. An opportunity for me that my dad kinda ignored. Thanks again I’ll be in touch if I have any more questions. Sorry about my rant and frustration.


It can be hurry up and wait at times. Echo used to be only a leasing company. They are moving into operations now. Since there are hundreds of owners in each section, it can take months to get as many as possible leased, then file the court applications and get on the docket. OKC had winter storms, so the OCC was closed today and that may throw all the dockets forward. You can watch the docket load on the OCC as well. You can see if things get delayed and what the new date will be.