Carter County Mineral Owners 2 & 11 2S-3W


Any word on that section I posted above. I can’t get ahold of no one


Looks like most of the hearings are supposed to be on Feb 19, 2019.


I’ve received nothing from court driller oil company. Can I get a phone number


Hello TGsanders I had got a offer from Rough rider October last year. They sent me a proposal letter and then nothing If Echo is in control I would like to know. Echo S&%#$ my brother and I in a misleading way. I plan to make a post all about it. Be very careful with Echo they will lead you to believe they will pay handsomely and then break you off like a cheep date


Echo is on my papers I called them left messages. RoughRiders I called them back in October talked to a guy told him I’d have to get back with him. Since then I was advised not to it was just an offer. I’ve seen nor heard anything. When I was getting royalties over the years from Lin energy the wells were not doing good. Since my President opened up drilling in the US I’ve nor seen nor heard from anyone Lin settled with me. These new folks ECHO nothing but a continuation from a lawyer.


ECHO OPERATING, L.L.C. AND ECHO E & P, L.L.C. 3817 N.W. EXPRESSWAY, SUITE 840 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73112 Contact Name: RICHARD K. BOOKS Contact Phone: 405-232-3722


Yes that’s who I left a message for and never heard back from. Thanks


Those are the official ones…


Hello I sent you a reply do not know if you got it


Will5 I read you message M Barnes would be in my opinion who to talk to. If you tell her/him your section and info they might need to direct your situation to a close.


To anyone in my group I got a letter from scout energy asking for my direct deposit info. I don’t know them well enough. What check. How much. M Barnes help


They want to send you the royalty checks most likely. Up to you if you want to do that. Lots of folks like that. I don’t. I usually want to get the early checks in real paper and make sure that everything is correct on the decimal amount, etc. I totally understand that the companies want to save money on postage, etc., but if they give me a choice, I ignore the request.


Ok but I’ve never spoke to anyone about a price, lease or anything contractually.


Hmmmm, then best to call them back and ask what it is for. Also, keep an eye open. Echo is pooling on Feb 19, 2019 (at least the hearing is scheduled then.)


Please briefly explain “pooling”.


This is explanation of Pooling from the Oklahoma Corporation website.


Oh my do I want to pool?


It depends upon the situation. There are advantages to pooling and advantages to leasing. First call Scout and see what they are talking about. If they do not have an lease or pool with you, then don’t give them your banking info. Then we can address your question.


Thanks your experience and talking to me about this is awesome. Thanks

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