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Sorry bad typing supposed to be infill pilot’s

Any one hear about when Devon plans to start drilling wells # 2-8 per section? I imagine once they have 1 per section done, but I have no idea when that would be. My lease gives them 3 years to get-er-done, and we are in year two.

Francis they have already started several inviolable pilots and I believe the first to do so. Can’t off hand tell you were I believe somewhere in 13n9w. They were first to announce going to 80 acre spacing. Cimarex followed up after that. I think those two work close and share information

It looks like they are drilling most of the multiple wells per section around the site were they are building their water treatment facility. I am assuming that they want to begin putting the flowback water throught the treatment process and then reuse the water.

Maybe I misunderstood your comment, but unless you have a very unusual lease, your lease gives them 3 years to get ONE well per section, not 8. They will drill wells 2 through 8 at their own pace.

Cimarex is blasting away with NINE wells per section in Canadian county 14N-10W.

Devon is also doing a similar thing further south in Canadian county.

That is correct.

It’s my thinking that they will drill one to get the 640 acres HBP they will apply for increased density orders through OCC and infill as they want.

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I have mineral interests in Hansford and Ochilreee Co., Tx as well as Morgan Co. Colo, mostly unleased. Mike Skinner

Do any of the Canadian County Woodford shale well units have multiple boreholes in the yet? I have not seen much posting here this year. I am in Grady County and I think there is one unit where this is being done to the south and it may be a unit in northern Stephens County.

Any activity in 30-11N-8W?


Hey Don, if you download google earth and go to the first section line road south of Calumet you will see several sections with multiple pads on them. Most of the pads have 2 wells on them. Sec 17, 18, 19, of T13N R9W have several pads, there are also more west and south of there. These sections are all around Devons water recycling facility.

Canadian county sec 35 13 n 9 w has 5 wells that were completed December 2011. I think 3 of them have the bore hole started in sec 2 but bottom hole is in sec 35

Thanks Gary.

Any lease offers in 30-11N-8W?

Canadian: Newfield Expl Mid-Continent Inc.; Klade No. 1H-3X Well; NE1/4 NW1/4 NW1/4 NE1/4 (BHL) of 03-14N-07W; 426 barrels oil per day, 376,000 cu-ft gas per day; TD 19,660.

I have four similar items with Devon at present, and I’m going on 6 months. I have dealt with them over the last 3 years on similar items, and it never took this long. They must really be stacked up.

I have waited more then 6 months on many. BP took a year on one . I got 12% interest on all of them. They have 6 months from first production to start paying you or they have to pay the interest.

The Devon well in 4 12n 9w has been on line for 6 months and still no division order. What is the normal time for Devon to get orders out. I have mineral and working interests all over Oklahoma and I don’t recall a division order that ever took more than a couple of months. I called them a couple months ago and it took 4 calls to voice mail before I got a return call and then I got evasive answers.

I finally got thru to the Devon division order department and was told my division order should be out this week. Can anyone here tell me what price they are currently getting for the liquids rich cana-woodford gas?