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Ron…Did you just look for Gracie’s name on the internet in the county records? I believe they don’t start until like 1992 putting them on computer where you can see them on the net. I could be wrong but I believe that’s right. It might have been even later than that. I’m going to look now.


Oops, Ron…I just repeated what you said. Guess I just overlooked your last post. Sorry!


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Yes I signed the lease in 1991. I was looking for a copy of the lease but I called Sheridan and they have a copy and are sending me one.

What does that mean Ron, “if it was leased you would not be listed on the pooling?” Where do I find the pooling?

I do appreciate your patience with me and my questions.

Thank you.



Why would I not be on the county records? I have the deed and it was recorded back in the 1970’s.


Did You sign the lease in 91. If it was leased you would not be listed on the pooling . Are you looking for a copy of the lease.


Yes it is recorded and it is in my name. Next time I go up there I will look through the books.

Thanks everyone.



Good reading material…Looking forward to the second part of the article!…


If you know a particular section/township/range in the Cana Woodford, how would find the number of the POOLING ORDER number for it? I can usually find the SPACING ORDER number on OCC form 1002A (the well completion report), but I see no place that it records the pooling order number. Anyone know specifically how to find it?


J.W. The OCC case processing database at the main page has all applications and orders for Pooling, Spacing etc. it’s a real pain to navigate, I can look it up for you or you can give it a shot yourself. From the menu pick divisions, oil and gas, databases, follow the instructions. Holler if you need help.



Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed. TEDIOUS and CLUMSY come to mind while using it, as you suggest, but it does work. Thanks again for your prompt assistance.


J.W, Obviously you know your way around computerized chaos! I’m impressed.


Found this online. It is from Drilling Info and it is supposed to be drilling permits for the last 365 days.


Gary, the first map you sent is also interesting. What is the legend for the first map…wells completed in last 365 days?


The first map was for 2010 I think.


Gary, who drew up the map? Union City is totally out of place.


I found the map at the link above. It was done by Drilling Info.


Sorry the wrong map. Here is the correct one.
Drilling permits for last 365 days.


Can anyone tell me the going lease rate in Blaine County, OK. The legal is 4-14N-13W. We have been offered $500 per acre, half of what we got 3 years ago.


Cathy How many acres do you have ?