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Clayton Williams released the IP information on a new Eagle Ford completion in Burleson County yesterday. In the far NE corner of the current Eagle Ford maps, about 4.5 miles NE of Caldwell, TX. 300 BOE/Day at 6,700’ - Smalley Robertson #1.

DJG are you sure you aren't referring to the Clayton Williams well Smallery Robinson which was announced July 2010, not 2011?


I believe Mr. Hawthorn is correct. The well was completed in 2010.

Has anyone been contacted recently by Petromax about leasing their land in Burleson county? If so, what is the rate being offered?

Petromax has been offering $600/acre and 22.5 on a proposed horizontal well. Anyone else had offers?

Is there increased drilling in Burleson: Gold North, Machann West, Trcalek, Scamardo area by Clayton Williams? I've inherited ORRI in some of these wells, and CW is holding my checks even though I have a signed Div Order, all paperwork, all legal. I think he wants me to quit the interest for some reason.

I just received an offer for a water lease which was a new one for me since I usually deal with oil and gas leases. Has anyone else in Burleson Co. received an offer from Metropolitan Water company? Compared to an O&G lease, this has a really long term which I do not care for, plus a few other clauses which I will delete. Also, the royalty rates seem low. Starting my due diligence here.

I would think a long term water lease would be a great monetary opportunity if it is for well water, depending price per gallon or barrel

Metropolitan Water has been doing the water lease thing in Burleson County for many years, I haven't looked recently, but they have a neat web site that shows all the land leased by them. Some of it is in a pool that is in production.

This looks like a new pool that is east of the other one. I am used to oil and gas leases that are 3 years. This is an offer for 15 years which is awfully long. I did check out their website immediately.

Burleson County is booming right now. I'm curious (or maybe ignorant) as to why the last discussions and comments (before mine) are from last year? And what is the difference in posting a discussion vs. a comment? Is there a better place to; find info, ask questions, talk with other owners, etc? I'm needing to:

1. Find an attorney to review and possibly negotiate leases.

2. Inquire about the going rate for bonus and royalty percentages in Burleson County.

3. Perhaps hire a landman or title company to research some family mineral rights deeds.

4. Advice in general for newbies.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Crystal - I am also surprised at the lack of comments on this county group considering that it is all about to go skyward. I will PM the details of the attorney that we have been dealing with in Austin who should be able to help you.

We are also watching the activity in the South of the County with excitement as we are hoping that one of the more recent drills relates to our part of the play and we can start seeing the whole thing come to fruition. Its exciting but stressful times.

Add me as a friend (I've sent you a friend request) and I will pass on any information that I can to help

Dinosaur Juice Jr

Crystal, I am not aware of any other forums covering your area with better traffic than this site. NARO has a discussion board but it is lightly trafficked. Perhaps sending emails to other mineral owners in the area to advise them of the site would help.

There are some very useful articles among the blogs that might help, including some I have written. See the button at the top of the page.


Ok, so I'm very new at this, and this sounds silly, but how long do leases last? In 1978 landowners granted Amoco a mineral lease. Amoco shut down operations sometime in the late 80s and Apache purchased it and started operating two wells and have been ever since. The mineral lease is very difficult to read-- I'm going to have to head to the courthouse, but it seems at some point they s/b renewed?

A lease is for a period of time in which the company can drill a well on the tract. If they bring in a producing well then they are entitled to "hold by production" (hbp) that tract until the well runs dry, or they quit producing for a length of time that is usually specified in the lease.

It sounds like I need to get a legible copy of the lease from 1978

I know Apache did not run the wells and there was a time both stopped operating. They fracked them in 2000-2001 timeframe and they have been working since then. At that time they took additional acreage for storage tanks and did not pay damages for the land grab.

Leases can have provisions that will perpetuate the lease even if well(s) strop producing for a certain amount of time. Lots of possible clauses that operator can use in their favor to keep lower royalty lease in their hands and not lose it.

You definitely need to get a good copy of the lease and get to knowing al the ins and outs as well as possible (and perhaps even getting some legal advice on key issues)

I just got a call from a company asking to send us paperwork as they are doing seismic research for minerals under our land and want our permission to go onto the land and search--- we have cattle and two existing Apache wells. Sounds wild

Sounds like they want a permit to acquire seismic