BP take over of Bhp Billiton properties

I have a property in Reeves County, Section 12, Block 58 T2, which was bought by BP (actually BPX Midstream) from BHP Billiton at the end of last year. Several wells have been permitted during 2019 but I can’t see that any have been completed. I have had no luck in getting information from BPX. Does anyone else have this experience or have any recommendations for finding out the status of the permitted wells?

At least I know they have a sense of humor since the wells are named LaVerne, Shirley, Lenny, and Squiggy!

2 Squiggy wells and a Lenny well have been permitted and drilled. They all are classified as salt water disposal wells re-injecting at ~6,300 ’ depth

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SHIRLEY 58-T2-12X13 SA W101H and LAVERNE 58-T2-12X1 SA W101H have been drilled and first production is reported for October 2019. On RRC website, Production Reports Query, use the permit number for well with district 8 and select Pending (instead of oil well or gas well).

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Thanks! I guess I don’t know what that means–do salt water disposal wells produce revenue?

Thanks! That is such good information and also good to know about RRC!

Not usually for the mineral owners. Most mineral lease agreements allow for the operator to reinject from the lease produced production. Non lease related water may or may not have a charge. I would review your lease

Thanks I will–it is the GLO form lease.

Saltwater disposal wells produce revenues for the surface owner, based on a price per bbl of water injected. Are any of the disposal wells located on your surface? Look at the legal description as to the location of your tract within the section and then look at the plat for each disposal well to see if it is on your tract. I would have expected BHP to have contacted you as the surface owner for an agreement, but it is always a good idea to check on this yourself.

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No I’m not the surface owner in this section but I am for another section in Reeves County so this is good to know!

Sorry wrong section–not GLO but I will review the lease.

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