Number of Salt Water Disposal Wells

Is it common practice to have seven saltwater disposals wells for just two producing wells??

That would be unusual. Really depends on the injection rate of each disposal well allowed by the TxRRC (which is public record) and the quantity of water produced from each oil/gas well. Just off the cuff it sounds like off lease water product is being reinjected

I’m hoping that means they plan on drilling more revenue producing wells. Could that be possible?

Yes it is possible. Where is the surface location?

Reeves county Section 12 Block 58-T-2. Is that what you mean or is there another description that tells that?

That’s the surface location information. The SWD wells are drilled to 6,300’ in depth and the producing wells are drilled down to 9,800’ and drilled horizontally 7,000’ to 9,500’. Yes they definitely have room to drill more wells

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Thank you so much for your time and information!

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