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Linda did you ever lease your minerals? I had a landman from Midland call me and was wanting to know who we leased to for Chesepeake. He said he was calling for a friend who had minerals in Borden he would like to lease. Just wondering since I live in Oklahoma has the activity in the area increased and any talk about what are the plans for drilling in the area.

Haven’t leased yet; same landman called me; activity is still very high. I was at the Borden county courthouse a couple of weeks ago, so crowded with landmen, they’ve put tables outside in the hallway so more can search.

Interested to see what the lease prices will go to. I pobably would have waited some but since they wanted to lease all of the 15,000 acres and had all the owners involved it was worth leasing if they will put a drilling package together. the last time we leased was in 95 and only involved 2 sections but we did get one well that produced until it wa plugged in 2007. Since the price of oil was low then if we would get a well like that one we could make some extra spending money even with our small part since the price is about 4 times higher now. I hope there is a new play in the area, they could put alot of wells in that 15,000 ac. tract, grandkids might make some money off this with some luck.

Yes, the bonus money is important, but getting a well drilled is the ultimate goal.

It is also important to know if there is real competition for leases. If there isn’t then very likely the offer will be a low ball speculative offer by a bidder who is not planning to drill at all. We have seen this kind of market (if you want to call it a market) in Fort Worth.

My deceased wife of 56 years was Sally (Sara) Dodson. She was born & raised in Snyder & her grandfather used to own the R H Jordan ranch in Scurrry County & Borden County. She left me her royalties so I am keeping a close eye on what is happening. Jim Johnston

Jim just wondering what part of the county is your royalties located and have you leased recently.According to the intent to drill permits on the TRC website there are not any real new players in the county except Chesepeake has two sites over this summer. Our royalties ae located SE of Gail, we have leased in 2-11 but no activity so far. It sounds like there could be some major play again in the county since some of the major players are concetrating their drilling programs towards liquids since the price of natural gas is so low.

It is nice to see some new members to the Borden County group may lead to some interesting discussions.

I live in Calif. but the R H Jordan Ranch is 6 sections close to Fluvanna & is mostly in Scurry County. 2 sections each have a producing well by S&J. The other 4 sections had producing well but were capped when the price was so low and are not leased. I receive a offer almost every week to buy the one section in Borden County with the best well so something is in the air. Jim Johnston

I live near Plains, Texas and have a small mineral interest on the Gray Ranch, which is about 8 miles east of Gail on the south side of 180. All of the approximately 14 sections were leased this summer, including my share. It is my understanding that Chesepeake is drilling a horizontal well about 15 miles west of the ranch and that it will be kind of a test well for the area. We have not seen any drilling activity on us yet, but we are hopeful something will happen soon.

John Chesepeake has two permits for horizontal wells west of you, sec.46 block 32 T5 and one in Sec. 26 block 32 T4. The second well will be the interesting one because they are horizntal two sections at once 1280 acres, 18,000 ft 8,000 of that lateral. The one problem with these horizontals may be water for fracing, it is probably pretty dry down there. We just leased at the first of the year, a little over 15,000 acres and Chesepeake was the company our land people were working with. The property i have a small part of is 10 miles SE of Gail. The major owners of the property were Beals. Since there is alot of leasing going on in the area, what kind of lease price did you receive and was Chesepeake the major you leased with?

Linda did you ever lease yet and have the offers gone up any

Richard- Thanks for the info on the Chesepeake wells in Borden County. I don’t know who the land man that I dealt with was repesenting but I’m pretty sure it was not Chesepeake. I never did find out the company. Our lease was for $300 an acre for 3 years.

John were is your land located? We have a part of 10 sections in block 31-3N, 5 sections in block 30-3N, 6 sections in block 27,2 sections in block 25.According to a friend on the forum, Chesepeake has finished the first well with no production reports yet and the second well is in progress. With the amount of acreaage that Chesepeake has leased up in the area i hope they have a drilling plan ahead and we should know more after the 18,000 ft well is completed. Keep us informed if you here of anything new, I am located in Okla. and keep check on the TRC website and have one friend here on the forum that is in the oil business in South Texas. It would really be nice to get a good drilling programinour areas of the County.

Richard- our minerals are all in block 97, I don’t know section numbers off hand. I haven’t found the TRC website to be very user friendly, maybe I just don’t know how to use it. I need to find a good map of Borden County.

For about $300, Midland Map Company will sell you the best map you’ll ever find for land ownership and oil and gas activity. There is a new update due for Borden in a few weeks, so I would wait till then for the freshest info.

John go to the TRC website and click onto the GIS public viewer mapsite and go to the right side of the page and under map tools click on well identifier, county click on Borden and on the API number put 033-30624 click the arrow and that will take you to a wellsite in sec220 block 97. Hit the zoom out x3 twice and it should come down to the size of map you can read and idenify. You can click on the wells and check production and also find new drill sites in the area. You can play around some and it willl be easy to navigate after awhile. The api number on that test well is 033-32165. Good Luck

I have a small interest in the Reineke Unit (SE corner of Borden Co). To Richard, or anyone in the area, is any of this drilling or leasing activity near there? Thanks in advance.


Yes, I have now leased; price did go up, but possibly because they had leased almost everything around me and needed our places to complete their blocks. Our properties are in far NE corner of Borden Co. and just across in the NW corner of Scurry County.

Linda since you live in the area, what majors seem to be doing the leasing. Who did you lease with, it looks like Chesepeake has leased quite abit of acerage south and southeast of Gail acording to John,s lease and our lease we are involved with. Just hope this all plays out for all of us. Is there alot of activity in Scurry county also?