Block 13 Section 271

I was just informed that I have an undivided interest in Block 13 Section 271. My great Great Grandparents Betty and BF Chollar Sand granted it to Martha Chollar in 1928, we were contacted by Primexx to lease them the surface and mineral rights. We were unaware we owned this until a couple of weeks ago, would appreciate any and all suggestions to help us make informed decisions. He says we may own in Section 272 also but isn’t sure. Any other Chollar descendants on this page?


This area is hot right now I would look to Reeves County records and see who is leasing this area right now. I leased my mineral rights for a Bonus Payment of 12K-14K per net mineral acre. The royalties per month are outstanding. I would definitely hire an attorney and I used a good one here in Austin. There are other clauses and language that could cost you lots of money if you don’t use an attorney. Best advice - take your time and do it right and for the highest Bonus Payment you can get. USE AN ATTORNEY

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Afternoon Brenda,

I have some land in this tract and live in Austin as well. Could you give me the name of the lawyer you used? I could use some help.

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Hi Boyd,

We live near Austin, (in Bastrop) and successfully leased our interest in this tract to Ridgefield for 10K an acre. Patrick John Flueckiger, attorney at law in Austin negotiated our lease. Highly recommend him.

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Hello rotzpeople! Wife of Chollar descendant here. You share great grandparents with him and apparently you are also “neighbors” in the same Block and Section. I would love to chat with you privately but there doesn’t seem to be an option for that on here. I will mention that I’ve posted previously about leasing and we are still waiting on a deal to finalize. We’re using Wade Caldwell and highly recommend his firm. Best to you!

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I suggest that you do a wee bit more of research to determine who the “existing owner’s” are. It will probably take quite a bit work but it may result in a larger holding than you own now.

“Just saying” . . . . . you never can tell!

stephen watkins

Hi @rotzpeople, HIGHLY recommend you have an experienced oil & gas attorney work on your behalf. It can be expensive at first, but will be well worth it in the long run. Our family uses George Cowden in San Antonio and have been very pleased. Good luck!

Hi Rick,

I’m curious, when did you lease your acreage? Was it before or after prices crashed last spring? I’m trying to get a feel for the current market for some clients of mine.

I also have some interest in Sec 271 Block 13-- be aware that at least my part of this section was further divided into smaller blocks, and then into 10 acre lots to sell for farmland in the 1920’s. So you might own a portion of a lot.

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Greetings all, We own approx. 1 acre of a 5 acre tract in this section, and have recently been offered $13,000 per acre to sell.
I’d appreciate any thoughts if this is a fair price? Also, does anyone have any thoughts about selling v leasing? If leasing is preferable, does anyone have a recommendation of a company to lease through? Thanks!

That offer is low and close to a Bonus Payment you get with a lease. Mineral rights are the last investment I would sell unless you need the money. I have leased with Wagner, Noble and ?? I like to have oil royalties monthly. And they have increased this year despite the layoffs in the industry. Centennial and Anadarko send me the largest checks. I’ve been told all my life to hold onto your minerals and never sell. I will leave my mineral rights to my children with the same advice.

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Hi…leased the minerals in this section in September 2020.

Brenda, Thanks for the information. I misspoke in my prior post when I said we have 1 acre of a 5 acre tract - in reality it is approx. 4 acres in a 5 acre tract, though I assume this would not change your advice? Am I correct that you used an attorney with GDHM in Austin to negotiate your leases in Reeves County? If so, were you happy with the service and cost? (I’m debating trying to negotiate leases myself versus hiring an attorney.) Thanks again. Steve

Rick: wow. I’m shocked. That seems very high for a lease these days.

Stevewh: Clearly if you can lease for $10k an acre then don’t sell for $13k an acre.

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My advice is still the same - get an attorney. Leases are too tricky to do alone Lots of language that can change your share of the royalties dramatically It might be more cost effective to have the attorney review the lease before signing. I think we paid more for the attorney to negotiate the Amendment terms. But, please at least have a review. To sell is pretty straightforward. Not so with leasing. Lots of sharks out there

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not to change the subject , but I talked to Oxey oil and gas and their going to start drilling this spring in block 13 section 271.

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Been told the same @Carl.

so it was 10 @Rick? thnx

Good Monday Y’all and Happy Thanksgiving Week! Been reading through many a post, many older, as I have property within the block described as well as close by. We get constant calls and mailings with offers to buy or lease. Have been through the process once some years ago but looking now at what or where the market is at for “lease”. {?}

I see some of you in this area and specifically 271 are talking 10-14K per NMA. Anyone care to elaborate more? Any information or reply would be much appreciated!


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