Block 13 Section 271

I leased 2 years ago for $12K per nma I used an attorney in Austin. I’m getting great royalties each month. Just think you should wait until March 2021 or longer to get that Bonus Offer of $12K or more. Whatever offer you get for a Bonus, counter it. Use a lawyer to look over their lease and/or add amendments. Don’t go it alone.

Thnx 4 the reply Brenda, have read most all your posts here! Could you elaborate on why waiting till March 2021 is best or better? HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY 2 u ALL !!

If you get a Bonus Offer of 12K per nma for a Lease anytime, take it With Covid and the Election affecting us all, I would predict your receiving lower offers until next year. Get $12K or I would wait until March 2021.

From reading through many posts seems like 12K would be very good and would be considered the top of the bonus offer range. I’m sure location in the area/block and how many acres one has has something to do with what offers one would receive.

Agree also Covid and the effects it has had on most markets play in, 2020 the oil companies obviously took a hit. I do see signs of life lately however and we get numerous offers by mail and phone every month. Markets too do not like uncertainty of course and an election year usually offers up that environment.

So in a nutshell, your opinion as I read it is we are in a lower point in the market than previous years and we have some uncertain times with Covid and election and there might be bigger dollars again in 2021.

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Stevewh, Thats a real good amount, $13,000 per NMA. But its to sell, and people say not to sell. Do you recall who wanted to buy? Did you sell? Best of luck.

Yeah…I was personally surprised to NMoilboy. They initially hit us up for 7k pnma.

Hey Steve did you negotiate or hire an attorney?

Rick, are you in Reeves? Did an operator or broker hit you up for the 7k pnma? I’d love to get an offer like that! Any suggestions?

Are you in Reeves? Did an operator or broker hit you up for the 12k pnma? I’d love to get an offer like that! Any suggestions?

Hi to rotzpeople. Yes, Chollars here! Not sure if descendants of Martha.

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Offers I got were from Noble Energy, Wagner, Double Eagle and KEW Drilling. The area is getting drilled a lot Bl 13 Sec 271 Really depends on the area and production in your area. All areas are not producing equally. Think you’ll have better luck after this Covid 19 and Election play out a little longer - say until March on through the summer.

Hi Tommy Joe,

Ridgefield is basically a broker who leases and purchases although I believe they purchase more than they lease. They may be “flippers” who sell leases they acquire to the actual operator doing the drilling, for a higher price per acre. This is why in our leases we have a clause if they sell or trade our lease we are notified in writing. Also this helps knowing what is going on with our lease.

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