Block 13 Section 27

I’m new to this forum but own block 13 tract 271. I’m wondering if this is a sought after section of the block 13 or not. Is there any activity happening near there. Carl

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Block 13 Section 271 is in a good area and is surrounded on all sides by good well results. There are a number of rigs within a few miles of you now.

This year, We leased 6 nma acres in 270/271 to Rosetta for 10K an acre. No wells yet…

It really must be sought after. My husband and his sister own there as well. They leased to Rosetta early last year and what Rick5 received per nma this year was twice as much! However, since that time they have received dozens of offers to sell. Also, we can back up KatKon’s response about it being in a good area. My sister-in-law just made a trip through Texas a couple weeks ago and actually visited that section using a GPS and plugging in the latitude and longitude of the property. She saw lots of wells near by the “yet to be drilled” section 271. Even took a few pics!

Carl, this link is to a very good well nearby. This well was drilled by Centennial Resources/Wolfcamp… It has been producing since July 2013 and is still a strong well. Manipulate the begin date back to July 2013 to view all production on this well. Production Data on well API 389-35299:|2=06|3=2017|4=05|5=2018|103=44205|6=O|102=08|8=specificlease|204=district|9=dispdetails|10=0 GIS Map of Reeves County Section 271/Block 13:

Clint Liles

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That’s my family’s well (Collins 2H). We’ve been very thankful for it. Hopeful to see some more action on our property.

WOW appreciate all the information, sounds like we may be getting close. I was wondering how many acres make up a section such as 271 ?

Do you have any of the pics available, that would be interesting to see. I’ve always wondered what it looked like up close.

A standard section of land is 640 acres.

I have read on the forum about relatively current activity in block 13. I was wondering if anyone on the ground in Reeves county has noticed activity in block 13 section 39? We are on the south side of 10, across the Hwy from sections 40 and 49 that show both wells and gas lines in place. Thanks for any insights.

These are the two they sent me. Looked about like what we had imagined!

Thanks Carol Looks about what I thought

John Clark…Do you own a couple of sections of land on the south side of County Road 336, Reeves county, west of Verhalen with some abandoned center pivot irrigation systems on them?
RKI and Noble Permian and Primexx are drilling near those sections and are moving west along CR 336 to FM2903.

Just thought you’d want to know, IF you own those sections.

Lawrence - my land is near the dept of transportation building on 2903, South of rt 10. We noticed some trailers parked out there on gsi. Are you familiar with that area? Thanks, Melissa

Melissa…yep familiar with it. Between the Dept.of Transportation yard and the IH-10 off ramp to FM2903 that land belongs to deceased Congressman Richard C. Slack. Apache is building a 700 man ManCamp on the northwest side of the intersection of FM2903 and IH-10. Hoffmans own the land along FM2903 on the east side and south of IH-10 and the Reeves county owns yard on the east side of FM2903 across and Southeast of the Dept. of Transportation yard.

Where’s your land??

Hi we are on the east side of 2903, South side of 10.

Next to the Hoffmans or the old place of Bill Stiehl?

I don’t know any of those people. My grandfather baught the tract in 1910. He died in 1925. My mother and her brother inherited it. The brother sold his half of surface in 1972. His son owns some minerals. My siblings and I own 3/8 of the section close to 317 up to interstate 10, east side 2903, the side twards the town.

There’s a big pecan orchard there along County Road 317.

That’s interesting. From the GPS pictures it looks as though the area next to us might have some agreculture going on.