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Leasing activity in Bent county Colorado. Been approached by several landmen wanting to lease our minerals in Bent county. Has others leased their minerals? If so, what terms did they get? Additionally, does anyone know the companies behind the this leasing activity?

Our family has been approached by The land & mineral company-Texas LLC. We ar in contact with there representative Roxann Nolan. We have not come to an agreement at this time. You may contact me for particulars.

Hello Bent County Mineral Rights owners. I've got MR in Bent County and have done research on Oil & Gas. I've personally worked on several oil drilling wells (3,000 to 11,000). I urge all to check out the Look Before You Lease website (see landowner toolkit) -- . Notice only do Paid Up mineral leases. Notice not to lease longer than 3 years Primary term with no secondary term). Notice no Mother Hubbard clause. Notice royalty payments are at least 1\8 (means 12.5%), but that 20% is not underheard of these days, based upon GROSS production\proceeds. Notice to require Shut-in royalties. Notice to include a due dilligence clause. Notice to include a Pugh clause. Notice for no Division Orders provision. Notice for no Force Majeure clause. Many other clauses that a good landowner\mineral rights holder should have in a mineral lease. Wanting to know what others are being offered given the fact that the State of Colorado is getting around $420 per acre in the most recent Trustland sale -- Thanks, KB

I own 35.0000 acres. They said bonus payment would be a one time payment of $125 per acre ($4375). This would be for a 5 year lease and they ask for the option to be the first to renew the lease at the end of 5 years. The royalty payment would be 1/8 (12.5%). This is calculated by the amount of acreage that I own and the cost of oil/natural gas at the market. This would be a monthly payment, but would only come if they drill and if they find oil or natural gas.

I am a land owner in Bent County and got offered same thing everyone else and told if I don't sign the lease they can still drill if they get enough signature and I would get no money from it is that true?.

Our family is in the process of issuing the landman an addendum to there issued contract/offer. The addendum will be favorable to the McCammonds. This will open the doors for negotiations. We will not stray far from our offer.

Does anyone know anthing about Viking Resources, LLC? Are they the only ones acquiring leases?

Vicking Resources is working for Cheaspeake.

Has anyone dealt with Cheaspeake? I was interested in Kelly Biggs comment. Are people in Bent County dealing directly or through attorneys? Do the companies negotiate or stick with their first offer. I just received an offer, don't know much about leasing mineral rights, but I am interested.

Mr. Peck,

What township/range are your minerals located? Do you also own the surface? If so, make sure you include surface provisions in your lease. I have heard that Chesapeake is difficult to deal with.


The mineral rights are 22 South 49 West. Mineral rights only. By difficult I would guess that they don't like to modify their offer.


Our family member has mineral rights holdings in Bent County, CO. The Land & Mineral Company-Texas, LLC representative, Tyson Delay has made an offer to lease mineral interests for oil/gas exploration. Richard Hawpe, another agent, has written of his interest on behalf of Land & Mineral Co. No contacts have been signed.

No recent contact has emerged for many weeks. Do you know any details of the status of these offers? Are they a substantial firm? Do you know these representatives?

They seem to not be available via telephone and have not communicate effectively.

The Land & Mineral Company Texas LLC has been working for Chesapeake. Chesapeake appears now to being using Vicking Resources for much of their leasing activity in the area. The Land & Mineral Company Texas LLC may have lost the contract with Cheaspeake, or most likely they bounced around to different leasing companies in an attempt to keep the lease bonuses low an the terms favorable to them.

Has anybody got a lease yet? we have some minerals in Bent co. ts26 r 52sec 28 is any thing going on down there

Has anyone actually received payment for a lease?

Anyone care to share experiences aboout Roxanne Nolan?

About Land and Mineral company from Texas?

Walter: Be cautious of Land and Mineral Co. of Texas. There offer is written to benefit the company they are offering for. Roxann Nowlan is there "land man". Better offers should be coming. If we hold as a group, we can negotiate a better deal designed to safeguard our interest and produce a fair agreement. Our family has an addendum that refers to the issues of the mineral lease.

Best Regards

M J McCammond

Does "contingent on a 120 day order of payment" mean the leasee has 4 months to decide whether or not to make the contract "real"? Isn't that like giving a free 4 month option?

As far as I can tell no one has been paid. Will someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Perhaps some have been paid with a no-disclosure inclusion.


We rec'd a payment a couple of weeks ago for a little over $4,000.