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I also have a small mineral interest in Atascosa County. Haven’t been able to pinpoint it yet as the description is a little foreign to me: “middle quarter of section 4, Cert 1/1010, B S & F Original Grantee” ???

just how big is this eagle ford shale oil play, in pleasanton tx.i own 7 acres, and im being surrounded.frac-tech,pumpco,and superior.have built next to my much is my little place worth?just curious.

Worth a pretty good sum. My family just bought some in the Eagle Ford last month. Contact me directly if you want more info.

We were contacted by Dora Cersonsky & David Nolen of Alliance Land Services regarding a mineral lease. Actually, we signed the lease and are still waiting on the lease check. The bank draft they gave was returned uncollectible. I have called and have gotten no where.

What recourse do we have?


What you are describing is what is called "cold drafting". This is where a lease is obtained from a landowner and then the so called purchaser attempts to sell the lease for a higher price to someone else. If they are unable to do so, then they do not honor the draft. You should immediately attempt to 1. get your original signed lease back from these folks, no excuses, before it is recorded. 2. if that fails, check to see if it is recorded in the County. If it is or is not it is often a good idea to file an affidavit about the particulars of the lease and that you have not leased to these folks because there has been no consideration paid. Good luck.

By the way, cold drafting is considered to be REALLY bad form in the O&G industry among legitimate companies.

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Thanks, I will try to get the lease back and go from there.

Salt water disposal wells.I have a well my family uses for bathing,our animals and everything except drinking.I have found out a permit was granted to place salt water disposal wells right next to my property.The Pearsal fire recently made me realize these are dangerous.Yes im clueless.My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and had tumors removed from his brain in Nov.2011.He is fighting for his life at age 42.He is also a desert storm vet and a paramedic.We are surrounded by oilfeild service companies this cannot be good for any of our health.What are my rights,regarding this matter.thanks in advance for any help

I have a 'Gift Mineral Deed' of 33.81 acres located in the J. A. Navarro Four League Grant close to Poteet. How close is this area to the Eagle Ford Shale Formation. Does anyone know in this forum? Am I in the right location to be asking? Thanks


Mr Moore, my early 1900 map of Atasacosa county shows the Jose Antonio Navarro Land Grant due east of Poteet. It is the largest land grant shown in Atasacosa county. It appears that the Eagleford Shale play at this time is south of your property. Go to and you can pull up some of the maps showing the area of the Eagleford. Right now the area in South Atasacosa County is very Hot. I hope this helps some.

J D Smith

Correction, the Jose Antonio Navarro Land Grant is due West of Poteet,not east.

JD Smith

help anybody....according to the TRRC GIS map, a well was drilled, completed 11/28/11 and verified by TRRC 3/29/12 as Producing.

How long does it generally take to hear anything from the operator as to royalties and production amounts? thanks all!

I now have 2 producing wells in atascosa as of dec and jan of this year…production through April 2012 about 103,000 barrels…we received email from operator division order leader of estimate due…we feel they have our ownership interest percentage incorrect based on deed,etc. They are going back to land man and attorney…is this common and should we hire an independent firm to research our ownership title? Thanks

Clay, wait to see if they come back and agree with your calculation of your ownership decimal. If they do not, then ask for an explanation of their calculation. I would then hire a title attorney to review the information and give you his opinion.

Thanks ben, they are going back to their land man and in house attorney as I did request explanation… I sent the division order leader a copy of our deed and an attorneys opinion we had done in 1992 when another operator leased our 800 acres.

In my efforts to try and learn, and the best I can, keep an eye on my mineral rights interests in Atascosa County, I am wondering if anyone can help me with some information?.....I have some Mineral Rights in Atascosa County near Hwy 16 and FM 140 in the Simmons Subdivision (Farm Tract 5111).....I have shared lease agreements with both Cinco Natural Resources and EOG (including one well API number from EOG).....I am wondering if anyone knows if there is anything going on in that area (Good News?) or if someone might be able to direct me to someplace online to better be able to follow any activity in that area concerning my interests?....Any direction or help would be greatly appreciated....

I have approximately 1100 Acres East of Pleasanton, owning all Mineral and Surface Rights. They are currently under a Depth Severance Lease to 100 ft below the Eagle Ford with one producing well holding all acreage with the Pue Rule. I retain the Deep Rights and I am interested in hearing about any drilling activity deep or shallow in that area.

Is there anyway to find out where Marathon plans to drill next in Atascosa County?

I am looking for approximately 5-10 acres of land for the possibility of placing a commercial disposal well....does anyone know any surface rights owners that may be interested? Call me, 512-791-2499