Are there any oil/gas in marshall?

Are there any oil/gas plays in marshall tx b rogers?

Carl, things are pretty quiet in Harrison County, Texas. Sabine and Samson have both filed bankruptcy and they were two of the bigger operators in the county. BP still has one rig in the area, but I think they are bouncing it from county to county in East Texas. Sabine is drilling a few allocation units. The problem we are all having with Sabine (and Samson to a lesser extent) is that they are overcharging on "expenses" on royalty checks on existing wells (an increase from 10% to 40% with Sabine for our family). If you go to the RRC you can see where there have been 10 wells permitted since August 1st. Kathy

Thanks Kathy can you tell me exactly how to retrieve this information off RRC website? I figured Sabine is holding something back from us. They want us to sign a contract to do horizontal drilling, but then we received bankruptcy papers regarding them so we haven’t signed anything. Is this a good thing not to sign until all the facts are clear?

Carl, you would google Texas Railroad Commission. On the lower right side of the web page there is "Useful Links" and below that "Data-Online Research". That includes a number of items including completions, permits, etc. It will take a while to get familiar with it, but you will want to search Harrison County in each item. We were helped on this website concerning Sabine allocation units ourselves. The bankruptcy did not bother us, but Sabine sent us only the last page of a document to sign which concerned us. Because they are "cheating" (I know that is a strong word) us and every mineral owner we have talked to concerning the extra expenses they are charging, but they expected us to "trust" them to attach the last page to a copy of the document we were sent, we refused to sign the allocation unit agreement. Kathy

Again thank you very much we have the exact same suspension of them as well. Can you tell me what 95 acres more or less means? Also after I commenced my research I notice they went filed a warranty deed from themselves being the grantor ando back to themselves as the grantee? We never sold them anything.

Carl, there are a lot of people on the website who can give you a much better explanation than I can. We are just mineral and surface owners with no legal expertise. The "more or less clause" is to ensure the description is of the entire property, in case it surveys out to a different acreage. I don't know why they would be involved in warranty deed transfers. Kathy

OK thanks again & have a blessed day.

Kathy: Sabine has been charging almost 90% for "expenses" on our wells. We have requested specific "third party" information several times but so far nothing.

Hello Jack. Yours is even worse than ours, but they are doing the same thing to everyone we have talked with. We have had the same problem getting an explanation. They started out having someone from "owner relations" call us and saying "everyone's check have decreased because of commodity prices" but when you bring up specific questions, they cannot answer them. Now they do not call us back or answer our emails. The only thing we can figure is that they are using the money they are taking from mineral owners to keep operations going. Kathy

Kathy: The only thing i have heard is... Sabine's pipeline/transportation contract was signed when NG prices were higher... and since then... NG prices have dropped to the point that they are barely making any money because of high transportation charges... and... that those pipeline contracts are about to expire. We've asked Sabine to ID that pipeline company... and requested billing charges... all legitimate requests.... but have not received an answer. I'm sure someone is making $$$ but it's not the royalty owner. Feels like a Chesapeake scenario all over again... or something like it. Very frustrating.

I agree Jack. I guess they know small mineral owners cannot afford to fight it. Ever since they fired their lead landman (Bill Creel) and changed the name from Sabine to NFR, things have been downhill for us. I was told the land group all now answer to a man who heads up operations. Kathy

Sorry, I should have written "NFR to Sabine":)

That's OK. I knew what you were thinking. jh