Appraisal raised

Hello, my appraisal has almost doubled from the Last 15 years! Went from 10,000.00 too 18,000.00. For 20 acres It’s nothing but brush,never had a well on it ever as far as I know,never while I owned it. I couldn’t havesold for 10,000.00, if my life depended on it! How would I sell for 18,000.00 It’s section 14 - block 7 - east 1/2 of the NE1/4 OF THE NE 1/4 OF Section 14 - block 7 I what the form the sent me for disputing this! How should I word it. Thank you so much William g Sweeney jr

Please provide the state and county your property is located in.

If in Texas, have you kept your agriculture exemption current with the appraisal district? Also, in Texas, it is past the time to file a protest.

Sorry it’s Reeve’s county texas. I just recieved the letter in the mail.

I don’t live there, nobody could,except for cows . Don’t know what the agricultural things are!

Mine went up from 44.64/acre to $450/acre. 10x increase. In Block 59 of Reeves Co., where even cows can’t make it anymore. And no real lease or oil activity. I’ll appeal; I tried to get a private appraisal about 18 months ago, and everyone I contacted declined saying the mineral rights are purely speculative in that area. They said the only real valuation I could get would be put it out for bids and see what I could get. Then, Apache pulled out/Covid hit/oil and gas collapsed and there wasn’t any reason to ask for a bid at a firesale. But, the appraiser apparently doesn’t see it that way!

Disclaimer: I am not a tax person

Ah ok, y’all are talking about the surface value, not the mineral value (the county doesn’t appraise non-producing minerals). It could be the hot real estate market starting to affect the very rural.

I was able to check that @William_Sweeney was talking about surface ownership, but @David_z, is that what you’re talking about? Your comment on finding a mineral appraiser makes me wonder. A private appraisal of the mineral estate wouldn’t lower a land appraisal.

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Hi Tracy, thank you for looking at what I was talking about. I wasn’t home,so I couldn’t look at my paper work. The abstract # of block 7- section 14 is " A-3874". I own 20 acres in the E 1/2 of the NE1/4 OF NE 1/4 Section 14 ,block 7. Thank you for previously looking for me. William Sweeney

We got a ten fold increase which is absurd when the land is producing nothing. I am wondering if this isn’t a land grab attempt. The leases stop and then all of the sudden the taxes are ten times higher. Has Reeves County gone corrupt like DC?

You make a great point, Tracy, and one that I often blur. Surface value and mineral value are different and that to me makes this even more egregious! The land in Block 59 is not hot from a real estate or surface value perspective. The only real value this land has is the accompanying mineral rights. If I were to severe the mineral rights, it would be hard to give the land away.

you have done me a great favor of reminding me that the appraisal is for the supposed surface value. So when I appeal, I need to stick to the lack of use for the surface of the land.

Yes, nothing has occurred in miles and miles to increase the surface value of the land. It is empty dry land unsuitable for agriculture. There are no utilities, no services nearby, nobody lives within miles. Probably should challenge whether there has been any value increase regarding surface use.