Any new wells in Grady Co. OK Section 3: Township 4-N, Range 6W?

Gulfport has been drilling some wells that are near my mineral rights in Grady County, Section 3, Township 4N, Range 6W. Is there a way for me to find out how well those wells are producing - assuming they are producing?

How does one go about getting that information? I think they started drilling in May or June of this year. I've been told it may take about a year before I see any royalties.


By the way, I see something about looking up a PUN, but I don't know how to find that on these wells.

OCC WELL BROWSE SITE Select County , Section Township Range Then begin looking around within any Section. This I have found is A good place to start.

Oklahoma Tax Commission's Public PUN Search

I almost always use the "Search by Legal" function... You will have to search using section "10" instead of "03" since that is where the surface hole location is.

There are only 2 (section 3) Cheyenne wells in production at the moment. The 6 North Cheyenne wells are still being drilled/fracked/completed.

Production data is almost always at least 2 months behind in being reported. Often many more months than that.

The PUN Search website routinely performs maintenance for a few hours on weekends, so you may find it not working during that time period.

Two rigs still drilling North Cheyenne wells... this is the closest one to my dad's place.

Thanks again for the information and the picture, Don. Any idea when those 6 North Cheyenne wells might start producing?

Generally, they start producing within a few days of being completed. You will not see production royalties until about six months later.

I can find the Cheyenne wells on the Oklahoma Tax Commission website. They seem to be producing. Are the North Cheyenne wells actually the same or will they be listed separately?

They are not the same... the North Cheyenne wells will be listed separately.

Thanks for the clarification, Don.

This is the only rig still drilling North Cheyenne wells... the other one was taken down Saturday. Fracking won't be far behind.

Thanks for the update, Don. It's exciting to know that things are moving along there.

I don't know the fracking process very well. Are you saying that the North Cheyenne wells have been drilled (this being the last of the additional six out of a total of eight)?

I imagine that once the last of the wells are drilled, they inject the fracking material and then start extracting? About how long does that take before the wells start producing?

Yes, North Cheyenne wells have been drilled (this being the last of the additional six out of a total of eight)(only 5 well spud reports on the current 6, but I think they missed filing one).

It usually takes 7 to 10 days (or more) to frack a well. Allow 1 to 2 weeks to do all of the plumbing, i.e., setting tanks, running gas lines ect. (could do part of that before they even take the rig down).

The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (state agency) has a couple of animated videos on well fracking.

What about section 3 3 6?

Go online to the OK Tax site. You have to look up the Cheyenne wells from section 10. Many of them are online. Use the search by Legal box. use leading zero 10 03N 06W

No drilling in sec 3 3N 6W yet but a whole lot of leasing by Continental so looks like soonish.

The last rig on the North Cheyenne wells is coming down (Section 10-4N-6W). Setting tanks, running gas lines, other production equipment and oh yes... fracking is all that is left to do to get these wells into production. A little more to it than that, but not many more weeks/months.

I am also wondering if this project might affect my income from mineral rights in Section 004-005N-006W which is called Chitwood Boatwright Sand Ut 10. Is this well close enough to benefit from the North Cheyenne wells?

No, the Cheyenne wells only benefit sections 3 & 10 4N-6W. The drainage area is only about a radius of 300 feet around the boreholes. Your 5N-6W acres are 6 miles away.

Here is a map to help you place them.

159-GradyCountyMap.pdf (434 KB)

Very bright lights every night this past week while they frac the well.