Another Reason to Oppose Forced Pooling

I just posted this on the Marcellus Shale Group, but it also has a particular interest for West Virginia and forced pooling.

"Just about anywhere the Marcellus Shale is you'll find a formation called the Burket. The Burket will not produce as much gas as the Marcellus, maybe about 1/2 of the volume that the Marcellus will. In West Virginia it's about 100-400 feet above the Marcellus, and gets farther above the Marcellus the farther east you go. Some experts think that developing the Marcellus will make it difficult to develop the Burket. Developing both at the same time makes some sense, but it's not financially feasible right now. If you're thinking about leasing, and are in a position to wait, you should seriously consider it. Either that or get the company you're leasing with to promise to develop the Burket with the Marcellus. This is a new idea, and oil and gas companies are not open to ideas that originate from the lessor, but it's worth pushing."

This is a valid reason to not lease. There can be others, including simply waiting until the price of gas goes up so that you realize a greater price for the limited gas reserves that underlie your property. Where there are valid reasons for an individual to refuse to sign a lease, the State should not give a company the power to force a lease on an individual.

Interesting ideas. Thanks for posting.

Scott Windom editorial on Forced Pooling 7/29/2015

From the Ritchie Gazette. Worth reading.