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May I join your Team? I've received an offer from Gream Res to lease w/in David Roberts Survey A-662. $150/nma and 1/5 for 3yr/2yr exts. Has anybody else been contacted?

This is what myself and several neighbors got over the last year also from Gream. We are just west of Neches and we got a lease last Nov. And I have friends just over the Cherokee line NE of Neches that also leased to Gream. I say bring it on, I'm 76 and kind of in a hurry. John

Thank you! David McL

Anyone up for a title search in Anderson county?

I hope you folks are ok with a new member. I have learned much from this extraordinary group over the last couple of months...especially from John Cundeiff. What a great guy! BTW, my profile pic is of my wife, Christi, and one of our grand daughters, Adeleine. Ultimately, looking after family interests is what this game is all about anyway!


Welcome to the Group. You're right about John. He's full of it, information that is. He's also a good person to be around. John, it's about time for another hamburger at the Neches Store.

Again welcome to the Anderson County Group.

Clint Liles

Twin daughters? Double trouble. That's what my mother said, since I have a twin brother. Yeah, I'm sure we would get along fine. Have a good evening.

Clint Liles

Comment by James Pieper 1 hour ago

Thanks for the welcome Clint. I almost posted a picture of my daughter Karen at the gun range with her twin daughters. Looking at your profile post I think y'all would get along well!

James Pieper

Welcome to the forum James, but be careful when reading comments from me and Mr. Liles because we are both very capable of blowing a little smoke. When you and Christi are up this way again I can probably persuade Clint to join us at the Neches store. John

Has anyone had dealings within the past year or so with APEX CAES who want permission from mineral owners to use a portion of the Bethel Salt Dome for compressed air storage to be used to generate electricity?

I am new to this forum and own some minerals in Abstract 350 (1/2 mile south and east of Neches). I read with interest the questions by Cynthia Dixon and replies given. Most of my experience has been in West Texas where it appears the offers are a bit higher. Is $150/acre and 1/5 the norm for this area? I normally do not lease for longer than 3 yrs and rarely add 2yr options. It appears that most of the active wells are north and east of Neches and so I was wondering why there is interest in A-350. Any thoughts?


Many leases were taken at 150, but 250 is not at all out of range, according to a friend of mine working Anderson County. Most leases cap out at 20%, but perhaps 22.5% or 25% is obtainable.

George, you have probably read my comments to Cynthia but we leased in Nov 2011 for $150 but since then most of the leases I know about have gone for $200 and in the Frankston and Brushy Creek areas I have heard of a few around $300. I have met a man from Palestine who has recorded every Anderson Co lease for the last 2 years on his laptop and his research says EOG is the primary player and their target is the Woodbine stringer sands which are deeper than the Woodbine as we know it. He has a master's in actuary science and has some sources which he would not reveal but he gave me a link to a publication by the Bureau of Economic Geology at the Univ of Tex and it is very technical with info about these stringer sands. My eyes glazed over from reading it and I have a degree in geology but it is 50 years hold and completely unused plus I'm an old man. There have been many "rumors" about all this leasing activity including Eaglebine, the Pettit formation, the eastward expansion of the Fairway field, the James lime and a few others but my faith is now in this stringer sand idea, or so I hope.

John and Buddy: Thank you for your comments. I will let you know how the negotiations go.

George, I see you also belong to the Dawson Co forum so I'm guessing you have mineral interest out there. If so, where is it located and is it under lease? I have minerals on two old farms my grandparents bought back in the 1920's, one in the Munger area 10 miles NW of Lamesa and one about 2 miles NE of Lamesa. The Munger place had 3 good wells that produced for over 40 years but isn't leased now. We have had 2 leases on the other place over the last 30 years and it isn't leased either. Just curious.

We just leased the SE 1/4, Sec 104, Block 34, T7N last May.

Mr. Cundieff, Thank you very much for the information and the help you have given to me and my family. They did come with an offer. I have the paperwork now reading over the information. I will e-mail on tonight.

Hello - I'm new to this forum, but was very happy to discover it. My two sisters and I, inherited mineral rights in Anderson, Co., in 3 tracts of land. We were contacted by Greg White, with RWT Land Services, that we each own an undivided 1/12 mineral interest in each of those tracts of land. At this point, all I know is that those tracts are located in the HH Auld and M. Salassar Surveys. I'm trying to locate a map that would help me locate these areas, as well as the field that these prospective wells would be drilling from. Any recommendations?


use this link at then go to the second link on the page. "Welcome to the RRC's Public GIS Map Viewer. I don't like the new one as much as the old one. you can enter information into the old one easier.

Thanks Wade. That map is great. I've passed the info. on to my sister. I'm sure it'll come in handy.