649 acres Dawson and Borden Counties

My family owns mineral rights on 649 acres that span these 2 counties. Does anyone know what the lease agreements currently are? Like bonus money and royalties being offered?


Where is your land at? section, Block, T-N? that is important, we have about 400 also and are having a very difficult time getting a lease, not sure why.

Sec 2 Block 33 T-5-N

The offer is 150 per acre and 3/16th royalty

seems low, who is the Co? let me look at it and I will get back with you.

BHW Energy Partners


We have 2 producing wells in that area, 34, 27, and 34,15 T5N, but it looks like there is not much going on in your section, but I would still counter at 225,250 and 1/5th. but that is just me, oil is ticking up, I would not go more than 3 years and no option.

thank you

any thing happen with this yet?

just wondering, I think with WTI at almost 58 a lot will open up, everyone in oil is making money at 55! so things will open up a little I think. I still have 400 acres in Dawson county not leased. do you have a e-mail for the person your dealing with he might be interested in mine also?


I gave you the info on Me * boys mineral rights did anything ever change

I have 900+ acres of mineral rights in this same area. It is broken down into 3 tracts: S30, Blk 33, T-5-N T&P Survey (731 acres) S31, Blk 33, T-5-N T&P Survey (15 acres) S42, Blk 33, T-5-N T&P Survey (183 acres)

Is there anything going on in these areas? What would be a good lease amount & how do I go about getting a lease? Just wait for someone to contact me? Be aggressive & seek out a company? I have NO interest in selling my mineral rights & am just learning about them. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

trying to learn how to send or copy picture of your property locations from the Texas RR Website. Looks like there are permitted wells, I’m not that great at knowing all the ins and out of the website, so maybe someone else can chime in. We have wells somewhere there but not sure where they are located. frustrating

What area in Dawson? There are two (more serious) companies leasing in Dawson Right now that I know of. We are signing now

what companies and where is your land located? I apologize if i missed this somewhere.

From driving through the area, I’ve noticed that the. drilling seems to be southwest of Lamesa off Hwy 87. My mineral rights are on land southeast of Lamesa on Hwy 180. Does anyone know if the leasing is heading that way towards my area? Come on, landsmen, I’m ready to lease.

Our interest is about 10 miles NW of Lamesa and there are several companies leasing in the area including LER, Red Bird, H&S Permian. Tex Brit, and several others. I have seen a few of the terms and $300/ acre and 25% royalty seems to be the usual offer.

Hey Donna, I have land leased off highway 87, 35/2 and 35/28, I got 300 per for 25%, RobRoy Resources is who leased mine, he has leased 1000s of acres in the last 6 months in Dawson, where did you see the drilling? my land is about 5 miles southwest of lamesa, on 87 and about 2 miles southwest of lamesa on 87. where is your land? IE Block section T-N, if you want Robroys info send me a note on yahoo.com marc.rogers33@ add the together

35/2 and 35/28 southwest of lamesa on 87, RobRoy Resources is very busy in Dawson county

35/2 35/28 southwest of lamesa on 87

Donna, google Courthousedirect.com lease/alert and join this free program and you will receive monthly e-mails which show who is leasing and where they are located (legal description) and the name of the person getting the lease in any county in the state that you pick. And you can also read the lease contract. I live in east Texas, 400 miles from Lamesa, and I have been on this program several years and I can keep up with leasing activity near my stuff. I love it. Also for $15, you should call the General Land Office in Austin (1-800 998-4456) and order a big survey map of Dawson Co. (free shipping) and you can see exactly where all the leases are located. It is well worth it. Good luck, John --------------------------------------------