Zones in Eddy and Lea Counties


This is off topic for Reeves Co, but thought you might be able to help me a bit. I don’t know anything about the Permian/New Mexico so thought I would check with you. I purchased several tracts of minerals from an Estate several years ago and it included some in Section 31-17S-26E, Eddy Co., NM. There are several wells operated by EOG.

Just wondering if you have any information as to potential for any of the zones that are causing the drilling boom in the Eddy & Lea Counties?

Thanks in advance. Todd M. Baker

Todd, unfortunately 17S 26E is north of all of that.

Here is map of horizontal wells drilled in the last 6 years. Most of them are way south in the Delaware Basin, think of that as the deep ocean back in the Permian age. There is a big blank spot where there is potash and few wells drilled. Closer to you is a trend of Yeso/Abo wells along the “shore” of the ocean. You are further “in land”. Thus just have older (geologically, i.e. deeper) Morrow gas wells.

I don’t think you will have much else, sorry. Then again, nobody thought this stuff was viable 20 years ago.


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Thanks for your reply.