ZaZa Grahmann Unit off hwy 77

From what I hear they have made a "good" well. I believe the well has been fracted and is in the process of being flowed back. I do not know what the production numbers are, so if anyone can find out let the rest of us know too.



Hi Billy…thanks for the recent post…sorry I have no information on this well…do you know anything about the wells in Flatonia?..I have mineral acres on both sides of Flatonia …I hope and pray they made making some good wells without problems…let us know if you hear any news in any direction…thanks, carol barre

I was told the well had been completed but now find out that they are fracking it today or tomorrow. Sorry I was wrong, but we should hear something soon hopefully.

Carrol all i heard about the flatonia wells is that they were waitiing to frac them sometime in June.


June? I guess equipment is tight. Given the close proximity to US90, recon should be easy. Since my interest is just south of the Fayette-Lavaca line, this piques my curiosity.

A simple way to determine the amount of production the well is making is by counting the tanker trucks coming and going daily. Each tanker holds about 160 barrels so if there a 4 trucks getting loaded each day then you have a pretty decent well. Currently there are no pipelines to move the hydrocarbons so the trucking is the only way to get it to market.