YTD Nat Gas revenue

My royalty revenue, all Nat gas, is down thus far 2015 by 56 percent compared to 2014. Input.

The most likely culprit is gas prices. Do a Google search for "historic gas prices".

The next culprit is post-production costs. Check your check stub for increased deductions.

I’m going to do an avg royalty gas line curve and your suggestions.

As Kyle said gas prices have continued to go down, however wells naturally decline over time as well. Your check detail should have Volumes (in MCF, or MMBTU) as well as the price. You can see how much the well is producing compared to last year.

Stephanie, have there been any work-overs or other disruptions in production? I have noticed little or no production for a couple of months following a work-over and a gradual climb back up but not quite to previous levels.

Stephanie -

If you will send me the name(s) or API Nos of the Well(s), I'll see what I can pull up online.

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

Steve, I’m aware of the info provided on rev detail but thanks for suggestion. Michael, Hughes County wells have quite the significant decline curve. I’m going through suspect properties.

Charles, how kind of you. I will reserve your assistance until I find a specific property concern. One operator withheld rev on 13 wells for 2 yr period. I have work cut out for me.

Sounds like Chesapeake.