Your Input Requested. Projected Gas Recovery Question. Please

Continental Resources has produced the attached Geological Exhibit to a request to drill 10 new wells in 07-02N-04W and 06-02N-04W, Stephens County, Oklahoma.

Am I reading this correctly if I were to say that based on the production to date of this Exhibit, they are anticipating the recovery of approximately 13x what has been produced in Section 07 via the Chalfont 1-7?

Please share your experience with us. Thank you.

We have a guy from Continental Resources that I had told we were not interested in selling after I had run these numbers; yet, he ignored me and did what appears to me to be an end-run around me to go to my 85 year old Dad to try to convince him to sell.

It's a shame that some folks, in the back of their minds, whether conscious or not, decide to try to convince an elderly person to do something that may not be in their best interest. I really dislike and distrust a company that does that. As I had mentioned, they had already been told we were not interested in selling, but, they didn't bother to contact me and let me know they had raised their price by $1,000/nma or that their budget to buy this property is out of money until 2018.

They had written me off and were only now going to deal with my senior father. No courtesy phone calls. No emails. Nothing to me and I'm the one that just helped close on another deal and am agent for our FLP. Please just be aware of these things.

35-GeoDataForNew10Wells50in070204112016.pdf (428 KB)