Yoakum County, Texas

When I look at the Texas RRC Public GIS Viewer online, it shows the pentagon symbol, which indicates a horizontal well, and then a line that leads to a green dot, showing oil, that leads to another section that is not mine. Can someone explain the impacts on my mineral rights by not having the green dot on my section?

If a well starts in Sec X, but is drilled into Sec Y, and is perfed/completed in both sections, then mineral owners in Sec X and Sec Y will own a portion of the well. The specifics of how much will vary case by case.

Thank you for the quick response!

If horizontal well is drilled on Section X and extends onto Section Y, the Texas RRC Public GIS Viewer does show location of the perforation zone. How can the location of the perforation zone be determined.

The RRC GIS Viewer is your access to other records available on the website. Just keep mining deeper into the possible links. to start with I suggest the following:

On RRC Public GIS Viewer map, zoom in until you locate the well you are interested in. At the top of the screen is an icon with the letter (i) inside a circle. Click on the icon and choose “WELLS”.
On the map carefully position your pointer over the green dot and click. A window will pop up showing the GIS Identity Results - Well Location Attributes. You will see below that a link to Drilling Permits. Click on the Drilling Permits link and a new window will pop up for W-1s Results. Next click on the link of the lease name for detailed permit information using the one with the latest date for approval.
Scroll to the bottom of the W-1 where you will find a list of links to “attached documents”. Choosing “PLAT” will download the survey for the well you are asking about, including the surface hold location (SHL), the penetration point where the well enters the producing formation (PP), first take point (FTP), last take point (LTP) and bottom hole location (BHL).
Good luck.