Yoakum County Tax Appraisal Values Raised

Has anyone else received notice from the Yoakum County Appraisal District doubling the value of their mineral taxes from 2018? If so, do you plan to protest and how will you proceed?

Thanks, Susan

Ours went up 500%, trying to figure out what to do.

I just got my Appraisal Notice for one of my tracts in Yoakum County and it only went up by 7%.

Lucky you. Thanks for your response.

WOW!!! I’m trying to figure it out as well. Everything I’m reading and researching, including the Texas Property Tax Code concerning how to figure the Fair Market Value is Greek to me, i.e.:

“The Market value of these future lease reserves is based on the annual appraisal forecast as to how each lease will perform in the future using the Discounted Cash Flow appraisal methodology, and its four parameters common to all producing mineral properties. Your market value is your net revenue interest’s percentage value of the total lease calculated economic recoverable reserves to be produced in the future, then discounted to present worth.”

Unfortunately, past income is not important nor taken into consideration. I’d like to know just how is this Appraisal Expert can project not only future reserves but future oil purchaser pricing, considering how much the price of oil has gone up and then has consistently been going down. I’m very discouraged. We’ll be paying taxes on income we have not received and mostly likely will not realize. We didn’t even come close last year in net revenue for the taxes we paid on their assessed fair market value, yet that is not even a consideration in protesting yet another increase for 2019. This is crazy.

I meant, Lucky you, dogslobber (by the way I love the name) that your’s wasn’t that much of an increase.