XTO Mobley, Love County Production


pumpjack sent me a link that showed Mobley active and produced or producing166.86 Crude which I take to mean barrels of crude. Are these figures total production, monthly,weekly…what? Also how long does it take a producing well to pay royalties. New at this so I’m asking alot of questions.

It usually takes the operator about five months from first sales to get the Division Order to you. They have to pay the first payment 180 days after first sales by statute (if the title is clear).

Thanks for the info. Why is it so hard to find out what is going on with these wells. I received another msg from an individual who says the XTO Mobley on Sec 21 isn’t even finished yet. Then another who says it’s producing. Really confusing…

If you are looking at state public information, that is usually four-five months behind. If your information comes from a working interest owner, then they have more current information. What link did you receive?

It’s the Oklahoma Commission website.

They are the ones in charge, so if they say it is producing, then it most likely is. The production numbers are usually found a few months later on the Ok tax site. Oil is usually a pretty good match. Gas, not going to match your stub as closely because of how it is back calculated.