Wyoming Oil & Gas lease/heirs - Converse & Goshen

I have several questions...to start how do I find the location of where our mineral acres are? I have data...Townships and sections etc. but not an address. I can't figure out where to go.

Also, how best can we fix an issue with heirs? My grandfather married first cousins and it was the women whose family had the mineral rights...but somehow when my first grandma died, the step-grandma's heirs inherited her portion instead of my dad and his siblings. Also, per the Mineral Ownership Report from one of the drilling companies, they have several 'open records' for family members who have passed away but have living heirs.

Third, is it common that a family has rights to the same number of acres in two separate counties? We have 320 acres in Goshen County WY and another 320 in Converse County WY.

Fourth, there is a hearing coming up for the pooling of interests of 1280 acres of all owners and I don't know if we object or not (and I don't have 10 business days left before the hearing)...but can I still attend the hearing as a public interested person just to observe?

Fifth, is horizontal drilling the same thing as fracking?


Here are the locations of the mineral rights...can anyone tell me how to locate the surface land on a map or get driving directions? I was hoping to drive to see the land...

Goshen County

T28N, R61W, 6th P.M.

Section 8: SW

Section 17: N2NW

Section 18: N2NE

containing 320 gross acres, more or less (exact language)

Converse County

Township 33 North, Range 68 West, 6th P.M.

Section 7: pt. of the E2NW4 & the NE4SW4

Containing 23 acres, more or less

Section 7: W2E2, SE4SW4

Containing 297 acres, more or less


1. No need to attend the pooling hearing. It is important to know what you want to do and what your options are if and when you are notified officially that a POOLING ORDER has been issued. You will have a finite amount of time to make an election if one is offered. If you receive a notification from the operator asking if you want to participate in the cost of wells, you probably don't want to so refrain from replying.

2. Horizontal drilling and then treating the horizontal well bore with hydraulic pressure to open cracks in the rock (fracking) is a recent operational technique that has changed the oil business dramatically. Most new wells in Converse and Goshen will be drilled horizontally and fracked. Each well will cost well over $5 million dollars. (See 1. above)

3. Hold on to that Mineral Ownership Report. It may not be the gospel but will be a guide for cleaning up your minerals title.

I own and manage minerals in both counties and advise you to avoid signing any leases without a thorough understanding of what you are getting into. I work in many WY counties and with many WY lawyers if you need a reference. Join the Goshen and Converse county groups on MRF. Operators are exploiting the same major geologic formation. Development is expected to go on for decades.

Gary L Hutchinson

Thank you very much for that helpful information!