Wyoming Oil and Gas Website

I’m looking for additional assistance with the WY website. How do you find your specific wells & activity once you go through area of review, display records, section/township/range, view one section? Example, Township 36 North, Range 71 West, Section 24. There are pages of results, how do I determine what to click on next?
Also, we have dozens of permits to drill from Anadarko from over the past year and a half, but little to no activity. Wasn’t Anadarko sold to Occidental? We continue to get copies of permits from Anadarko. We’re trying to figure out if we should hold onto what Anadarko has locked down, not producing, or sell and reinvest.


You are correct in what you are doing on the WY website to look at productivity within a given section. For the section you mentioned it looks like a couple wells have been drilled but not completed (the Ritchie Fed 3671-12-24-16 TH & Rags Fed 3671-12-24-14 TH). It is very hard to determine when these wells will get completed and if they will be producing anytime soon.

If you would like to get an offer on selling your mineral interests there are some good Wyoming based mineral companies that can value and give you an offer.

Hope this helps!


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