Wyoming Legal Counsel for producing acreage

We inherited mineral rights in Wyoming and there is no dispute as to this fact. The Operator is on board with our heir ship. The property is an unitized field that has been producing since 1945. Our properties (one we are major lease holder and other property, we are a minority) are located within this area. We have some legal questions related to the lease that was executed prior to production in 1945, failure to pay rents, failure to obtain all signatures for heirs for Ratification and Consent, etc. We have all the leases, Unit Agreements, etc and have worked with the Operator for the last 5+ years. We finally have this heir ship updated in their system. We need legal counsel to review the information we have and answer some specific questions we have as mentioned above. I prefer to work with an attorney who does not represent any corporate oil companies. We have funds available for this cause. We have been seeking counsel for a while and keep running into conflicts of interest, if we get any reply or call back at all. The Unit Operator, only for the last 3 years, has been very cooperative but unable or unwilling to provide any accounting of the rents, etc. Something doesn’t feel right, hence my questions. If we are owed anything, it would be royalties from 1945 to the present in a field that has been producing oil/gas for 80+ years. Any recommendations for a good Wyoming Oil/Gas Attorney would be greatly appreciated or any other advise for that matter. Thank you!

Hi spp87, I’m not a lawyer and not sure of the exact rule in Wyoming, but many states have a time limit or statute of limitations on back royalty claims. Often the limit is four to seven years.
If you check in the Directories for Mineral Services in this forum, Keller Law advertises here and does work in Wyoming.

I will be reaching out to Keller today. They seem to only deal with private mineral owners too, huge plus obviously. I hope there’s no statue of limitations, if we have a case, but it probably exists. Thanks for the information.

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