WV laws covering gas/oil vs the rest of the World. The story so far

Two weeks ago I was going back over the written communications involved with my inheriting a handful of WV dirt that a company is demanding I give to them drilling rights. With all the paperwork spread out on a single table I noticed something. The ONLY written communications I have from the court is addressed to the plaintive.

Seemingly the only reason I have copies is because the plaintive's legal people have forward the paperwork as a form of trying to get me to accept what the corporation wants, not what the law states. Makes it seem as if the corporations are running the courts of WV and they get away with it by sending a copy to a judge therefore making it "Legal".

A few days ago I received the FIRST written communications from the court having my name and address, NOT the name and address of the plaintiff's law firm. Which raises the question, why have I not heard from the court, directly, before this? Has the copies of the communication I have received, addressed to the plaintiff, just what the plaintiff wants me to see. Last time I looked at the real world a typical legal action has a plaintiff AND a defendant, not the plaintiff and the judge.

Okay, I will state at this time I am ready to give up my stand, my medical problem has gotten worse and I simply can not make trips to WV to listen to the nonsense being presented. Don't say "You need a lawyer" as no lawyer in my area wants to become involved with WV's version of the "law", except for the most expensive law firm in town. their requested "up front" money is three times the contract signing fee. [Besides that I defeated one of their lawyers in court when I sued an ex-employer and represent myself in court! There is JUSTICE in this world!}

In the letter I received from the court I was held accountable for stating in a prior letter among other things, that I had no desire to visit WV in January. I called that correctly as a few week before the national weather service announced two major storms and I predicted that they would effect the weather in WV about the time the hearing was to be held. Was not off by much, severe weather warnings in the Doddridge WV area 24 hours before the hearing.

I decided to stay home as the risk factor of traveling was simply to great. After all, in reality what is a half acre of WV ground and mineral rights REALLY WORTH when there are over 200 co-owners and the land is less then 25 acres? Bragging rights maybe? If the party wanting the mineral rights will not provide the information to me that would suggest the investment was worth it and is willing to go to court...

I deal with reality, not this nonsense that WV courts has allowed which gives corporations more rights then the residents of the state. My only hope is that when the court presents to me the "true value" of my holding the amount is enough to cover the cost of the postage I have spend on communicating to the plaintiff!

Meanwhile, would someone suggest where on the 'net I can find WV's so-called "Good Faith" law described? In past posts I mentioned that I was told that because I accepted an unexpected first class package from a unknown sender I was obligated to what ever was in the package, even if the contents of the package was unknown.

So far it appears only those persons hungry for the corporate money are the ones responding to my early comments on that law. They claim I am obligated to any terms in the envelope. Nonsense, what they state is against FEDERAL LAW. What does the Good Faith law really state???

I write this post only because in the letter from the court I received I was told that my past communications were invalid because I did not follow WV Code 10 and number my sentences. I do not live in WV and I am really starting to see why so many ex-West Virginian people are now living in my neighborhood. RCR 1/14/2017