WTI - Year to date Summary

Well, the results are in.

A commentary and link to my 2015 report is located here:


Here is the chart.

Average price West Texas Intermediate Crude (WTI) Low Range Average High Range Average Mid Range Average Actual
Q1 2015 $36.47 $56.47 $47.47 $48.48
Q2 2015 $38.01 $58.01 $48.84 57.85
Q3 2015 $40.38 $60.38 $51.00 46.49
Q4 2015 $42.28 $62.31 $52.83 42.17
$50.04 50.94

My annual forecast was for WTI to be at $50.04. Actual spot price of WTI was $50.94. Historically, this is very typical of my annual forecasts. Even in the collapse of 2009, my forecast was within $2.00 per bbl on the annual average.

In my 3rd Quarter summary, I had huge concerns about the Iran deal. Apparently, now Saudi Arabia has huge problems with Iran as well, severing all diplomatic ties.

I was frankly surprised that the bill to repeal the prohibition on exporting crude oil made it through.

In the 3rd week of January, I will deliver to the readers of this forum my 2016 forecast. I suppose this falls into the category of "putting your money where your mouth is."


Buddy Cotten