Wrongly assigned mineral lease

What would be the correct course of action. In order to have oil and gas company release the incorrect person and assign to the right person. Title has been ran by an independent Landman. And has had a title opinion made showing the mineral estate owner. So how do you get the oil company to fix their mistake?

Hi Rob, not sure if this is the correct way but this is how I went about it with the first property, now working on the second property. Get in touch with a Senior division order analyst, send them your chain of title and ask why you are not in pay. Also have your decimal interest and ask them how many accounts on the pay deck equal your decimal interest. With this information I researched on Texasfile and found the account that had no interest in the property. D.O. analyst ask account to prove they owned the interest, they could not.

People make mistakes, good records correct them and a little time-Tim

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